What A Basic WordPress Theme Design Should Have

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This is a part of The Complete Guide to Make your Own WordPress Theme


A basic wordpress theme should have a header, navigation menu, content, sidebar and footer. This is illustrated in the image below:

What a basic wordpress theme should have


Here lies your logo and usually, page or category navigation menu, and search box. It is also a common practive that google ads were placed here, so leave some space in the design to fit in the ads.


You should make 2 seperate design for the content area:

  • Latest posts at blog index. For each post, you can show its category, date posted, comment count and author name.
  • Single post page with comments area (when you clicked into a post)


A sidebar should display important resources like category, recent posts, recent comment, blog roll and more. Some themes also put a search box at sidebar.


Here lies the copyright (eg: © 2009 zenverse , Powered by WordPress) and link back to theme author.

Be creative

Of course, you do not have to follow this old style. What we have discussed above is a very basic & plain theme. You can be creative, change their position, add more features and make your theme special. We will discuss the features you can add to your theme later.


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