Top 5 WordPress Themes on The Web

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Getting visitors to your website is one thing. Getting them to do what they want when they get there is something else. Having a nice layout that’s easy on the eyes as well as easy to navigate is essential if you are going to give your users a great experience. WordPress is the easiest and most efficient way to get your message online. WordPress is so effective and there are an endless number of Themes to enhance your website’s look. In this article, we’ll go over the top 5 popular themes for WordPress, both free and paid.


Thesis theme is a very versatile theme, or a theme framework, and is used by many professional web developers, as well as Matt Cutts himself, the head of the Google Webspam Team. It’s very easy to customize, and can easily help you show off your best content. This theme is not free.


This theme was developed for the internet marketer in mind. It’s easy as pie to set up for Adsense and Clickbank, as well as many other affiliate marketing ideas. There are several different formats to use for your page, including a sales page and a squeeze page. It has 220+ Niche Header Designs as well as a very active support forum. This theme is not free.


It’s named Heatmap after Google’s famous study of where people look when they visit a typical website. You can easily place your advertisements and affiliate offers at the area where people tend to look at the most. This will definitely helps increasing your conversion rate. The theme also comes with numerous choices of advertisement layouts and skins for the user to pick. This is not a free theme.

Notepad Chaos (Free)

This colorful floral theme is definitely one of the most interesting WordPress themes on the web. Having all your blog posts displayed in a notepad-like page, your website would like a e-diary, which makes it suitable for personal blog. Besides, there are other interesting areas in the theme such as the post-it-note design sidebar and handwritten fonts used in the special hyperlinks. This theme would make your blog stand out of the crowd.


This is definitely a great WordPress theme for video bloggers. The theme features a main video display at the top of the page, with scrollable arrows. Below the main display is the featured video carousel with nice bordered thumbnails. You are allowed to insert up to 12 featured categories of your choice. This is not a free theme.


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Tv Element the best (Y)

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