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Google has finally released Android 2.3.4 update for Nexus One users, the OTA update is known to have started and some users actually receive it. This update is ONLY for users who has previously updated to Android 2.3.3.

We posted a topic about Android 2.3.3 Bugs in Nexus One earlier. We encountered 3 bugs, this update is known to fix one of them (hopefully more, I am going to try it out soon).

How to Update Manually?

Instead of waiting for the OTA update which can take few more days or weeks, we wouldn’t know, you can download this build number GRJ22 update released by Google, then follow the steps below to perform the update manually.

  • Download the update (zip file)
  • Rename the file to “”. It’s already a zipped file, so rename it to “update” if you had your file extension hidden.
  • Copy the file, paste it into your microSD card.
  • Shut down your Nexus One. When your phone is off, press & hold the trackball then press the power button on top.
  • You’ll now see a white screen with three Android robots.
  • Using volume up and down button to navigate, select “Bootloader” by pressing power button
  • Next, select “Recovery” (again, using volume up and down button to navigate and power button to select)
  • Your phone will reboot, you will then see an exclamation mark inside a triangle.
  • Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. Keep trying until you see a menu appears.
  • Using trackball, choose “Apply” and wait for the update to run itself

That’s it.

What’s New?

According to Google Help Forum Staff :

New feature: video chat in Google Talk

Previously only available to tablet users on Android 3.0, Google Talk with video and voice chat is now available on Android phones running 2.3.4 that have front-facing cameras, starting with Nexus S. For more information please see our blog post:

Bug fixes for Nexus S & Nexus One

- Phone shuts down or reboots: a very small percentage of users reported this problem, which is fixed with the latest release. (Nexus S)

- Wi-fi & 3G icons both indicate active: for anyone who saw this strange behavior in your phone’s status bar, it should now be fixed. (Nexus S)

- Battery life: some users let us know that their batteries didn’t seem to be lasting as long; battery life should be improved for these folks. (Nexus One)

- GPS location/navigation: some Nexus One users who noticed location and navigation problems after updating to 2.3.3 should notice improved location accuracy. (Nexus One)

I will update this topic again after I updated my phone.


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