How to Draw Some Attention of Airport Security

Posted in Inspiration on 4 August 2010 4 comments

If you ever want to draw some attention or even annoy airport security when traveling, you should probably take a look at these suitcase stickers.

These suitcase stickers were designed by Vancouver-based creative label The Cheeky, where each of them cost $15 excluding postage. Go google for it if you are interested.

P/S : Use it at your own risk :)


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Snalla Bolaget says:

That’s frickin’ awesome. I would have loved to get some of these through when I worked in Airport Security.
Tip; make an airport security officer’s day, and have these stuck to your luggage. Money, coke or “toys” at least – the girl might be a bit much. ;)

Charlton Gomes says:

Haha.. This is awesome! Should even have a hidden cam to capture the look on those security personnels face. :P

Explosive detection dogs says:

This is hilarious.
We deal with airport security as our daily business and always read the very serious stuff…
At last, I found something that made my day


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