Detect and Remove Flashback Trojan on your Mac OS X

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Last week, a Trojan horse virus called “Flashback” circulated the web and infected more than half a million Macs in the world. The vulnerability comes from a security flaw in Java, not Mac itself. In short, it modifies targeted webpages displayed in the web browser of infected computers, attempting to scam the user. More information quoted from Mashable:

Although the Trojan is now only conducting click fraud scam by hijacking people’s search engine results inside their web browsers, it has the potential to do greater damage, such as stealing banking or login credential. If the botnet remains connected to computers, cybercriminals could send new malware to their systems that cause bigger problems.

What you can do?

Apple released a security patch few days ago, but its only for Mac OS X 10.6 and above. If you have not downloaded the patch, please do so now by clicking on your Apple Logo at the top left > “Software Update”. You will see an update called “Java for OSX”.

If you are using Mac OS X 10.5 or older

If you are using Mac OS X older than version 10.6 or you are not feeling safe even after applying Apple’s patch, F-secure released a free Flashback Trojan Removal tool yesterday that can detect whether your Mac is infected with the trojan and most importantly, remove it from your Mac.

To use the tool, simply unzip the downloaded zip file and run the FlashBack Removal app. Everything else will be automated. This is what happen after you run it (quoted from F-secure):

The tools creates a log file (RemoveFlashback.log) on current user’s Desktop. If any infections are found, they are quarantined into an encrypted ZIP file ( to the current user’s Home folder. The ZIP is encrypted with the password “infected”.

This is what I see, lucky :)
Not infected with flashback trojan

Useful Links

1. F-Secure FlashBack Removal Tool Page
2. More (technical) information about the Trojan


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