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Delighted is a free blue-white wordpress theme with features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, social bookmark, popular posts and more. Suitable for bloggers that don’t need Flickr. View the list of features below.

Type : Semi Magazine (uses excerpt at blog index)
Functionality : Blog


  • White + Blue as main colours
  • Fixed width, widget-ready and gravatar-ready
  • Available in 2 fonts : Default & Calibri
  • Tested on Chrome, FireFox, IE6, IE8, Opera, Safari.
  • Tested and working properly up to WordPress 3.5
  • Beautify your blog using Post Thumbnail and Post Image
  • Featured Posts displayed using animated slideshow
  • Tabbed Menu available
  • Ready for Google Analytics, Adsense and Webmaster Tools
  • Feedburner Integration (including feedcount)
  • Built-in plugins such as page navigation and related posts.
  • Built-in social bookmark buttons to let your reader share your post easily
  • Auto determine and display popular posts at footer
  • Four ads spots in sidebar
  • Commented CSS files for easy editing
  • Custom Theme Options at Admin Panel


Preview Delighted (56993)


Delighted Wordpress Theme 1.2
[ Downloaded 5171 times | ]

Check back soon, an important update (wordpress thumbnail feature and version checker) is rolling out to all Zenverse themes, starting from the latest theme.


Version 1.2
- Fixed the possible problem: site become blank after loading

Version 1.1.2
- xHTML validation passed
- Better page title in terms of SEO
- Added link to theme support forum in theme option page
- Added template name for archives.php
- Simplified simple_recent_comments.php and wp-pagenavi.php
- Thumbnails for related posts now have fixed size (125 x 125)

Version 1.1.1
- Started to record changelog

Recommendations for User

Manual Excerpt

To make your blog looks better, you need to include a manual excerpt for every post (like my blog). You can add that while editing or adding new post. You can, however, leave your excerpt empty and wordpress will automatically make an excerpt for you, but all HTML tags would be auto removed.

Post Image & Thumbnails

Post Thumbnail is a square image of size 125 x 125 pixels, shown at blog index, related posts and search.
Post Image is an image of size 550 x 190 pixels, shown at single post page, below the post title.
To beautify your blog, try to include post thumbnails for every post (if possible).

Featured Category

In most cases, not all your featured posts are in the same category. You can create a new category (let’s say I called it : Featured) and choose it as the “Featured Category” at the theme option page.
Step-by-step guide to activate Featured Gallery

WP-PageNavi Plugin Conflict

Some users reported that WP-PageNavi plugin causes the sidebar and footer to be missing. If you have WP-PageNavi plugin installed, you should either deactivate the plugin or remove the built-in WP-PageNavi plugin to avoid conflict.

Theme Support / Edit / Add Features

Free theme support service has been stopped. If you need some tweaking or want to add features, please contact me. *Depending on the matter, you might need to buy me a cup of coffee or 3

Like this theme? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this theme and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


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Josh says:

Great theme really like it, going to use it on a new project of mine. Its hard to find a theme with a nice layout and graphics for free.

.-= Josh´s last blog ..2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg – If Theres A Cure I Dont Want It =-.

Nat says:

I am trying to figure out why when i put an image within the post i can’t get the text to wrap around. any help?
.-= Nat´s last blog ..Author Profile – Miss KJ =-.

zen says:

@Nat, I don’t understand what you mean. Perhaps you could provide a screenshot, if possible.

Thank you.

Emrah says:

Very nice. I like it.

Chris says:

I am trying to figure out how to change the color of the excerpt in the featured posts. I can’t figure out how to do it.

Any ideas?

zen says:

@Chris, hi,

Currently it is not set, so it uses the “body”‘s color.

To change it, open featured.css from the theme’s folder.

Add this line below at anywhere :

.featuredtext {


shawky says:

Hi ,
I like your theme so much , after i installed it and see my blog it’s turned to blank white page
Any help plz ?

zen says:

@shawky, what browser you are using?

Did you edit anything?

Link me to your site if possible.

Chris says:

Yes, I am having the same issue.

zen says:

@shawky, If you downloaded the theme last week, re-download the theme now.

@Chris, I thought your copy is working since you asked me how to change the excerpt colour.

Chris says:

@zen, Yes, it was working. However, I figured out a small glitch I think. Everytime I add a RSS widget into one of the two small sidebars and save it, the site goes blank.

Laurence Flynn says:

How to get the time of a post published at the top of the post somewhere?

zen says:

@Laurence Flynn, hello Nex :)

Add this code below at wherever you want the time to be displayed:

< ?php the_time('j F Y') ?>

the j F Y is PHP’s date format, which you can change as you wish. You can refer at here.

jose says:

Is it possible to remove the links to “Song Lyrics,” “Download Gadget Review” and that other stuff from the bottom of the page? Also, what’s all the “please do not edit” stuff in the Footer file?

zen says:

@jose, nope sorry..

I don’t feel good too but I need to do that.

jose says:

@jose, Ok. Can you explain what the “do not edit” code is in the Footer file?

ario says:

hai … great themes man
I just want to ask, why if I put an image to my post and save it. When I view my post, the image doesn’t wrap around with the text.

Need you help, thank you in advance

zen says:

@ario, hi, need a screenshot if possible.

ario says:

@ario, sure

I hope it has a clear look :)

thank you kind sir

zen says:

@ario, for your information , this has nothing to do with my theme :) You did not use float on the image.

Here’s how to add float to it,

<img src="your image link" style="float:left" />

Take note at the red coloured text. Add the style="float:left" to the HTML <img> tag.


ario says:

@zen, I see … very sorry to bother you with my stupid question :)

Thank you for your quick reply. Have a wonderful 09/09/09 day. :)

zen says:

@zen, no problem.

Happy 09 09 09 :)

shawky says:

Hi Zen,
Thanks so much for your interesting
I’m using Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 and i didn’t change anything
when i deactivate the already installed mods the them work like charm
i don’t know which mod causing this problem
my site to take a look

it’s in Arabic BTW.
Thanks so much

Ten Technologies says:

Awesome theme and i am using it on the website provided.. I love the features and detailed theme options provided and i even uploaded the theme directly from wordpress so no need to use cpanel for this :D

belajar toefl says:

wow…….. nice theme……….
i like it….
.-= belajar toefl´s last blog ..Error in Negative Agreement of Verbs =-.

Sankar says:

Could some one plz tell me how add featured section to my blog in this theme. I have added featured category, However it’s not working.

Thanks in advance.

zen says:

@Sankar, your posts in that category must have post images.

Ricky says:

Hey the design looks awesome. I really like the design of this theme. I’ll definitely give it a try or include it to my website post.

upendar reddy says:

excellent theme.
Is this supports thumnail image automatic adjusting feature for any post; instead of fixed size?
- thanks

Mike says:

Lovely theme indeed. Two questions though, would it be easy enough to add a feature whereby the links are expandable?

Other question is, why can we not edit the links in the footer? Maybe we could pay small fee to have these removed? I certainly would. Infact if you could add the link expansion feature and enable the editing or removal of the footer links then I would pay and buy the theme from you.

Let me know.



Mike says:

Do you have any themes at all whereby I don not have to upload the images first and then paste the url? I like all the templates but think that image/thumbnail insertion would be better if it were automatic and all I would have to do is upload the image from my PC and then the thumbnail is automatically generated and inserted. Is this something you would be willing to include?



zen says:

@Mike, there is a built-in media upload feature in wordpress. You can just upload your image using that and paste the URL in.

Frankly I don’t think it is necessary to code a uploader script just for that purpose since wordpress already has one by default.

MIke says:


Thanks, but I’m putting this together for someone else who isn’t the most PC savvy person I know and would like to have full control with asfew clicks as possible. They just want to Add Post, Add Image into post and thumnail auto generated, click submit and that’s it. The multi level menu featue wouldalso be needed. I need to achieve all of the above in a few steps as ossible.



zen says:

@MIke, seriously it’s just few click away. There is a media upload link on the left, upload the files there and copy like below :

Alex says:

I just installed your theme and loved it! But one problem, I am using the featured category’s on my hoem page but the picture is coming up small no matter how large of picture I use, do you know why?

zen says:

@Alex, the post image you use itself is small. They are all about 150 x 87 pixels.

The correct size is 550 x 190 pixels. You might want to stretch the post image to 550 x 190 pixels using CSS.

Mike says:

Thanks Zen. Isn’t there a feature somewhere to limit the number of posts displayed on the main index?


zen says:

@Mike, you can change that in admin panel.

Admin Panel > Settings > Reading > Change “Blog pages show at most”

Jennifer says:

Love this theme, but where is the header image. Not sure what image to delete to add mine?

zen says:

@Jennifer, do you mean the blue background? If yes, it is “logobg.gif” in “images” folder

Jennifer says:

Thanks a ton

Rui Saraiva says:

How i can change the background colour withe for other color?

zen says:

@Rui Saraiva, open style.css, look for:

[code]html, body {
margin:0 auto;
font-family:Calibri, "Lucida Grande", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

change the #fff to your colour

z-Traxx says:

Hi, this theme is fantastic, it would be beautiful with article categories as an example
for aggregator-news with features (photo and articles ) user rating and view post and show at Navigation Bar with flyout menu with sub levels, i am interested also to payment.

Doozy says:

Hi Zen!

I have tried everything to post images into both the url’s to the post image and post thumbnails but to no avail!

I have tried it on Lunated, Zionn and Exult – each one coming up with the same text: ‘post image of ‘blog post’ here’.



Hackublog says:

Beatiful & Perfect !!!!

I like every theme …

Thank you so much Zen.

Keep you job.

Martin says:

Your theme is great! I like it and use it since yesterday :-)

My webside need a very long time to load now :-(
The page is completely loaded but the browsers “loading icon”
is still busy and the browsers status line says “loading …”. This takes about 5min or so.

I think this is related to your theme?

The plugin “AntiVirus for WordPress” Version: 0.6 of Sergej Müller claims that the footer.php & sidebar.php as virus :-/
Am I save to manually set the files to “no virus”?
I bet .-)

Greetings from Germany,

zen says:

I don’t think so, is a paid service mostly used for image or file hosting and I did not use that on my theme.

Of course, you can set them to no virus. My themes got near 10k downloads without any people reporting about virus :) I am doing premium (paid) themes business too, so I won’t ruin my own business. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that. =]

Footer.php may be detected as virus because of the link protection script which uses eval(). But sidebar.php is very clean code. I wonder why it detected virus in it. Anyway, those plugin has not much uses. At least for me.


Andy Liu says:

Hi, thank for your theme.

I had a problem of Featured Content.
In this page “″, I upload the image to be Post Image.
This size is 550×190.

and in the “Featured Content” setting, I choose the category

But It doesn’t display, can you help me to check?

Andy Liu says:

Sorry, I had got it. Thanks^^

Bambangxp says:

These themes are Terimaksih I like and I was wearing and the results were very good

Thanks and regards creative

rhein says:

I like..

Thanks.. I use this theme in my site. thank you very much


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