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Posted in Inspiration on 14 July 2009 7 comments

For me, I love my simple and classic bed more than the bedrooms below. However, I must admit that they are very creative and worth sharing. Some bedrooms have hidden beds and some makes you fall down easily. Enjoy!

Sofa or Bed?

I think the bed is moving

A big drawer

I don’t get this. Anyone do?

A hidden bedroom

The bed is at ceiling

Great for TV lovers, but the radiation…

Now you can sleep while working

Make it any shape you want

A cool square box

Seems like floating

If you want to fall down


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Carrie says:

The last bed…yeah I would hope that is just “art” lol how anyone could sleep on that I have no freakin’ clue!

ben gumbelt says:

nice bed design

FaRiS says:

The one that u didn’t get..
It’s a Tetris matress.
On the wall it’s apart,
On the floor it’s joined together. :-)

Joy says:

A very atmospheric place indeed, Very helpful info for everybody here!

Redman says:

I like the first bed, the bed from ceiling and the bed which we can make any shape we want.

And the “I don’t get” one, is so weird, I can guesss how it works ! :S

virul says:

so beautiful furniture you have guys
may be you want to tray visit my website here

Fae says:

where could i find that hidden bedroom, shelf/bedroom hybrid ?! it’s amazing and i realllyy reallly want it :C

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