Common Web Hosting Problems and How to Avoid them

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Setting up your site with the wrong web host can lead to different problems that can have a huge impact on your online business. In this article you will get to know the problems commonly encountered by site owners and learn how to address them:

Poor customer support

A lot of people have some not-so-good experiences when it comes to customer service. It can be that no one seems to be available to take your call or answer your question. In other cases, people get frustrated with the slow response time.

Problems can interrupt normal site operations and will have a huge impact on your business, so make sure your web hosting provider has someone who monitors your site so that any technical problems that may arise will be fixed immediately.

Billing problems

To be billed with an incorrect amount is not an unusual complaint. In case of overbilling, it is very difficult to get your money back.

Keep track of whatever you need to pay for the web hosting service.

Falling into the introductory offer trap

Advertising of web hosts can be tricky and if you’re not careful, you might be paying more than you should. Some introductory offers come with conditions. For instance, a certain package can be availed only if you get a 12-month contract.

Read the details of the introductory offer very carefully before you sign up.

Security issues

Some web hosts are not capable of protecting data from hacking and/or identity theft. Others even give people a false sense of security.

Your business relies on customers so give them the assurance that it is safe to manage transactions through your site. Take a look at top web hosting providers and see if they offer the level of security that you need.

Resellers vs. hosts

Since resellers just represent a larger web hosting company, there may be problems that they cannot deal with right away.

It is better to have your own web hosting provider, but if you prefer a reseller, make sure that they can cater to your site needs and address any technical problems.

Difficulty in changing a web hosting plan

There are some site owners who find it difficult to change their web hosting plans such as getting a dedicated server hosting package. Providers may even charge you penalties for that.

Ask your provider if there are additional fees or penalties should you wish to change your plan. In that way, you will be able to avoid dealing with “hidden fees”.

Bandwidth problems

You may need additional bandwidth in case your business expands, but if your web host cannot provide it, your site will fail, and this is definitely not good for your business. The web host might give you more bandwidth, but it comes with an additional fee.

Go for a dedicated server hosting plan. If your existing web hosting provider cannot take on the required bandwidth upgrades, it’s time to look for another one.


Your site will fail if your web hosting provider is not reliable enough and cannot keep downtime to a minimum. Bear in mind that having a site that is down a few times a day will be detrimental to your business.

You need at least 99 percent uptime. Your provider should be able to meet that requirement. It is also better if you have a dedicated server hosting plan.

Undisclosed web hosting limitations

Some customers fail to completely understand the scope of service that the web host offers. On the other hand, there are web hosting providers that do not disclose limitations on their service scope.

Take time to assess the services being offered and check if the provider is reliable enough to adapt to changes and meet your needs.


You may need more from your web host in case your business expands. Unfortunately, some providers cannot meet this requirement. If this happens, your normal site operations will be affected.

Even if you are just starting your online business, it does not hurt to think about expansion in the future. Make sure that your web hosting provider will be able to meet additional requirements as your business grows. Be aware, though, of additional hosting fees.

Do not get complacent even if the web host claims that they’re the top web hosting provider. To avoid these web hosting problems, it all goes down to having a clear set of terms of service or service level agreement and establishing a good relationship with your provider.

Manage your own IT infrastructure by availing the best colocation services to avoid these hosting problems.


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