[Chrome] Google Search is Slow & Not Loading When Typing in Address Bar

Posted in Google on 9 August 2012 2 comments

This is ironic, googling stuff by typing in the address bar using Google’s Chrome browser can sometimes be really slow. In fact, when it happened, it takes forever to load. Nothing can be helped even if you copy the URL and paste it to load again. I am getting frustrated with this problem that happened since few months ago.


My temporary solution is: every time it happens, I switch the default search engine to Yahoo in the Chrome Settings > Search.

If you have any solution, feel free to post at the comment section below.

Chrome’s Browsing Speed is Slow?

For other Chrome users that felt the browsing speed is very slow, you can read my earlier post: How to Fix Google Chrome Slow Loading Problem


Posted by Zen on 9 August 2012 • 91,351 visits 2 comments
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Phil Alv says:

I agree. I suspect that they’re processing requests for their marketing efforts through WAY too much.

Conal says:

Am finding this too recently, very slow when typing in address bar. If I go google.com and search there it is much faster. It is peculiar how Chrome does not work smoothly with many Google owned sites/apps such as docs and youtube.

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