Best iTunes Equalizer Setting for Bass Lovers (Bass 3X / Mega Bass / Bass Boost)

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Ever since I started to use Macbook Pro, I have been complaining about the lack of bass in the sound output. Although iTunes has equalizer feature built-in and there is a preset setting called “Bass Booster”, the effect and improvement is still so weak that it cannot satisfy me at all.

Fortunately, I found this youtube video that taught me how to setup the equalizer to boost the bass of sound output for at least 3 times more than the normal setting. All credits to the author of the video.

The Equalizer Settings for iTunes

Now setup your equalizer based on the pictures above and try it. I bet you will love it like i do. Share it out with your friends if you love it! :)

Remember to save it as a preset too, so that you can change to other preset setting without losing this setting.

P/S: I love my Audio Technica a lot more now!


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NokiaUserPH says:

Excellent settings!! It sounds like a mega-bass on my Nokia phone!
Thanks a lot for sharing.

Longhorn says:

Thanks for the post on the EQ setting. I was messing around with the pattern you had here and I noticed that if you want a better sounding “Bass 2x” just make 32 (6) and 64 (-6). I noticed the bass sounds cleaner and is not as heavy, but I’m using ear buds so might be different for headphones.

HeyItsKD123 says:

I have an equalizer setting that has AMAZING bass amplification. Here’s the numbers:
32 +3.5
64 +4
125 +3.5
250 -11.9
500 -12
1K -12
2K -12
4K -12
8K -11.9
16K -11.3

WOW says:

wow thats shit

Cassie says:

I like your settings better, Deadmau5 with that is SHFGSFHESF. Thanks for this!

dope settings! thanks for this.

WHAT says:

That sounds TERRIBLE! haha

JR says:

Wow! Thanks so much for posting this!

AJ says:




Bailey Edwards says:


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