Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) Bugs in Nexus One

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After 3 weeks of using the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update on my HTC Google Nexus One, I encountered some problems which were quite annoying. Shouldn’t OS update adds features and stability to the system instead of introducing new bugs? Not sure if these problems happened on Samsung Nexus S too, but here they are:

The Trackball LED problem

Even after you enabled pulse notification light, the LED won’t blink like it used to perform in froyo. This problem has been bugging me in applications like WhatsApp and Handcent because I often depend on the LED colour to know that who is looking for me. For example, pink light for my loved one :) However, LED blinking is working totally fine in Plume for Twitter and the official Facebook app. Weird problem huh?

Screen Black-Out (blank screen)

I encountered this problem randomly, like once per few days on normal usage. It usually happens when I quit from application using back button, then it reached a page with nothing at all, just black screen. I have to press Home button to get out of the black screen and my phone lags a little after that. I usually “fix” the lag by restarting my phone. It’s tiring to wait!

Delay When Answering Calls

Everytime I answer my call, I have to wait for like 1 or 2 seconds after accepting the call, then only I can start hearing voices from the other side. Not a major problem, though.

There are more!

Some users complaint about shorter battery life after the update which does not happen to me. Despite the bugs mentioned, I still like Android as my primary phone OS. P/S I like the screen off animation! Every OS has their own weaknesses as nothing is perfect. Now all we can do is just wait for the fix. Cheers :)


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Ben Willock says:

Well, as with all new versions, gingerbread WILL introduce it’s own set of bugs; later updates (i.e. 2.3.4 etc.) are more for said bugfixes. Anyway, I can confirm that I don’t get any of these issues on my Galaxy S 2.3.3 (xxxJVK firmware), so it must be version specific.

Matheus Bona says:

I have some problems in this version on Samsung Galaxy S2. The application Phone is not responding and crash down.

Any sugestion ?


Matheus Bona –

zen says:

Unfortunately the only way is to wait for the official update to fix this. Cheers!


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