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Zionn is a free grunge-styled wordpress theme with premium features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, flickr photos, latest tweets, social bookmark, popular posts and more. View the list of features below.

Type : Semi Magazine (uses excerpt at blog index)
Functionality : Blog


  • White + grey as main colours
  • Fixed width, widget-ready and gravatar-ready
  • Tested on Chrome, FireFox, IE6, IE8, Opera, Safari.
  • Tested and working properly up to WordPress 3.5
  • Beautify your blog using Post Thumbnail and Post Image
  • Featured Posts displayed using animated slideshow
  • Tabbed Menu with 3 tabs
  • Ready for Google Analytics, Adsense and Webmaster Tools
  • Twitter Integration, display latest tweets at footer
  • Flickr Integration, share photos easily (needs flickrRSS plugin)
  • Feedburner Integration (including showing off your feedcount)
  • Built-in plugins such as page navigation and related posts.
  • Built-in social bookmark buttons to let your reader share your post easily
  • Auto determine and display popular posts at footer
  • Four ads spots in sidebar
  • Commented CSS files for easy editing
  • Custom Theme Options at Admin Panel


Preview Zionn (52979)


Zionn Wordpress Theme
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Recommendations for User

Manual Excerpt

To make your blog looks better, you need to include a manual excerpt for every post (like my blog). You can add that while editing or adding new post. You can, however, leave your excerpt empty and wordpress will automatically make an excerpt for you, but all HTML tags would be auto removed.

Post Image & Thumbnails

Post Thumbnail is a square image of size 125 x 125 pixels, shown at blog index, related posts and search.
Post Image is an image of size 550 x 190 pixels, shown at single post page, below the post title.
To beautify your blog, try to include post thumbnails for every post (if possible).

Featured Category

In most cases, not all your featured posts are in the same category. You can create a new category (let’s say I called it : Featured) and choose it as the “Featured Category” at the theme option page.
Step-by-step guide to activate Featured Gallery

WP-PageNavi Plugin Conflict

Some users reported that WP-PageNavi plugin causes the sidebar and footer to be missing. If you have WP-PageNavi plugin installed, you should either deactivate the plugin or remove the built-in WP-PageNavi plugin to avoid conflict.


Version 1.2
- Fixed the possible problem: site become blank after loading

Version 1.1.1
- xHTML validation passed
- Better page title in terms of SEO
- Added link to theme support forum in theme option page
- Simplified simple_recent_comments.php and wp-pagenavi.php
- Thumbnails for related posts now have fixed size (125 x 125)

Version 1.1
- Fixed google ads colour at header and single post
- Added post image feature to page.php
- Edited search message in search.php
- Files edited : page.php, header.php, search.php and single.php

Version 1.0
- First version


1. You need to install flickrRSS plugin to show your flickr photos at footer.

Theme Support / Edit / Add Features

Free theme support service has been stopped. If you need some tweaking or want to add features, please contact me. *Depending on the matter, you might need to buy me a cup of coffee or 3

Like this theme? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this theme and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


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Laurence Flynn says:

Outstanding. :)

Carrie says:

I really like this theme, but I am also an advocate of not having to put “Read More” under a post and all that. Call me lazy lol
.-= Carrie´s last blog ..BACONZILLA Part II =-.

William says:

You did it again Zen!

Awesome grunge style, yet simple. Very professional. I really like it (Y)

alaJoAnn says:

So tired of fooling with various types of content plugins. So glad to have found ZenVerse. Beautifully formatted! Gray-tones make colors pop! Up-to-date features!

I have installed Zionn on my site. It seems to be problem-free! Well, FeedBurner email subscription doesn’t work, but I think you indicated you take care of that from your end – you may get to it Monday.

Although I’m re-orienting myself to use fewer plugins, I did try to use the Content Posts Widget in the sidebar. It wasn’t accepted. The out-of-the-box WP widgets seem to work fine. Have you purposely limited the use of plugins in your themes?

One suggestion: Although I love the dark, wide headers, some custom logos look better on lighter backgrounds (like my bee logo, which has black in it) – maybe you could offer a header background with slightly lighter shading in the middle.

Thanks for your wonderful work (I don’t believe you’re only 18!) I eagerly look forward to the new themes you are developing.

All the Best!
.-= alaJoAnn´s last blog ..Free ZenVerse WordPress Themes Packed with Fabulous Features =-.

zen says:

@alaJoAnn, thanks.

Regarding the FeedBurner email subscription, it works for me. Where you get the problem?

No I did not and actually “cannot” limit the number of plugins used. :)

zen says:

Thanks Laurence Flynn, Carrie and William! :D

Oes Tsetnoc says:

I like this themes, thanks for share

Sman says:

I am playing around with the Zionn theme – I just can’t figure out how to increase the speed of the featured content. It is fine as default, but I wanted to cut about 2 seconds off and make the slides flip faster through the content.

Can you assist in finding the location to change it?


zen says:

@Sman, open zionn/js/zenverse_gallery.js

Press Ctrl + F to search for “8000″, replace it with “6000″

Sman says:

@Sman, Thanks Zen, I have sped it up. Pretty nice theme, I now use it for my blog.

Julian says:

Like the theme! But how do I get it to display full posts rather than summaries? I’ve got the wordpress set to display a full post, but something in the theme is overridng it

zen says:

@Julian, wordpress doesn’t have that option. What you are changing is only the feed.

This feature is not available in this theme.

Julian says:

@Julian, ahh ok, still like the theme I ‘ll keep it!

ADam says:

Ive been trying to mess around with the colors, and for some odd reason i cant change the background…

Sman says:

ADam, the image file for the background is located in the theme files but you need to FTP another image (or colour block, etc) and change your CSS stylesheet in the “body” to reflect the new image file.

You need to upload to the folder website/wp-content/themes/zionn/images if I remember correctly. When you change the image location of the theme, it is right at the top of the CSS Stylesheet under the “credits” when you are in the “Appearance” Tab and “Editor” function. should look something like this:

body {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
background: #XXXXXX url(images/NEWIMAGEYOUUPLOADED.jpg);
background-attachment: fixed;

It is fairly easy – see my site as I have changed a fair amount of items – http://www.slowcoustic.com.

Hey, by the way anyone reading this – my “next page” colour is that bright blue and I cannot find out where to change it. I had changed it previously and now I simply cannot!

Ady says:

Hi! Great theme! I like Zionn a lot! But I have one question…

How can I change the background color of my posts (I don’t like how the text of my posts looks on that gray color)?…I would like to make it white, so that the text of my posts would be more visible

These are the best WordPress themes on the net!

zen says:

You can change the colour in style.css. Have you looked at it?

Ady says:

Yeah…I have. I have changed the background color in:
/* content */
.oneblog {
.oneblog_btm,.oneblog_top {

and in some others too…but still nothing. I just can’t figure out which one changes the color of the posts’ background. :)

zen says:

You need to change the background-image in .oneblog class.


you can either remove the line above and change the background colour. Or you can edit the image using image editing software.

Ady says:

Thanks for the replay!
I did both. Firstly I have edited the image in Photoshop and uploaded it. But it didn’t work. It has only changed the background of the previews of posts(when you click on a category and it shows a few lines from each post).

But when you go to see the full post, its background is still gray.
Then I deleted that line with the background-image in .oneblog class and changed the color in background-color to white…but still nothing. :(

zen says:

Ok, I thought you want to change the background of the posts in blog index. Looks like you want to change the single post.

For single post and page, the post class is .single_post. The background image is images/oneblog.gif

ashish says:

the drop down is not working for me. I made 3 categories with one as parent, then other as child and the third one as child of above child.
I mean Grandfather, then father and then son. But not working as drop down.

Can you help me out

zen says:

Hi, drop-down menu is not available in this theme.

Ady says:

It works!!! I love this theme! You are the best!

And now…the last question, I promise… can you please tell me how can I change the color of the single posts text? I want to make it a bit darker…

PS: I already owe you 10 coffees :))

Indonesia Java International Destination says:

nice great themes, many thanks for you zen

Agie says:

I use this template in my blog but i want to create “submenu” in “Page Navigator” automatic evrywhere i create new page. How to make it.

zen says:

You will have to implement the feature yourself since the drop-down is not part of the theme features.

alberto says:

i’m trying to create new post in the different pages i created, but i cant because the post only appears in the main page. what can i do?

dodid says:

great themes bro…..

pinakel says:

how to add a facebook icon in “follow our updates” section.

Whiskeyjim says:

I am impressed with your themes and your artistic talent.

You have incorporated both a page and category menu which is a fundamental need for many websites. Great job. But why not include drop-downs for them? I see you have drop-downs for your main site.

I also believe every theme should have a full width template for various user needs. Arjuna-x on WordPress Extend is a good example of implementation, although I personally like your designs better. Your sense of aesthetics is a great talent.

I wish you well in your career. I believe it will be bright.

Pumama says:

Hi,I really like your themes. But I want to use Nested Comments
But I dont know how to do it
Can u help me

Yurckk says:

Is this theme compatible with WP 3.0? Just wanna make sure before I install it.


Absensi Sidik Jari says:

i used wp 3.01, is it work with mine?

Eren says:

I want to buy with paypal theme helps to Do.

Eren says:

I want to buy with paypal theme will help you. Option on the site take no theme. Paypal button to set the theme you can buy.

Nic says:

Love the theme, just one question… how do i add my adsense unit code to the “advertise here” part on the sidebar? i’ve edited the code a bit, but keep getting errors.. and cannot use in the theme settings to post that code…?

Nic says:

love the theme, almost would pay for this one… though i’m having problem with the feature post, i’ve uploaded some images… enabled the featured post options, and have selected teh category for the featured content.. but still, no slide show.. i’ve followed the tutorial and all… any help :P

zen says:

i think this is the most possible reason. did you fill in the Post Image field in “Single Post Options”? Scroll down ro find “Single Post Option” when you add/edit post.


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