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Latest Version is 1.6.3


WordPress Theme Demo Bar is a plugin for wordpress (compatible up to WP 3.0.5) that allows any wordpress theme to be previewed without activating it. A demo bar would be shown on top of page, allow users to preview another theme. The demo bar is customisable at admin panel. More than 1 extra CSS files can be loaded too.

This plugin is suitable for theme designers to show all demos of their themes in a single wordpress installation.


- Compatible with WordPress 3.0.5
- Tested on WP 2.7.1, WP 2.8, up to 3.0.5
- If you are using older versions of WordPress, if possible, please reply here with your version (and error, if any).

List of features, FAQs, Changelog and Usage

Please refer to the WordPress Theme Demo Bar Plugin Page at WordPress Extend

Using Shortcodes and Template Tag Functions


WordPress Theme Demo Bar 1.6.3 - 22,147 downloads


Preview MonoShade Theme

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Gary says:

I have the same problem as Ali; I get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this Page” when trying to ‘edit theme options’.
If anyone has a solution please post.

Adias says:

How to set this plugin when i acces my website http://example.com to load automatically the demobar ?

karthimx says:

I’m using the latest version, but I have 2 problems

1) I can see Demo bar in my arcade theme but not for other themes


2)Preview content of this theme is messed http://www.freewpdownloads.com/?themedemo=bloom but other contents are fine.

Help is appreciated.

Nurul Imam says:

Thanks for solution… I like this

omer says:

l used your theme bar plugin.But google took an index like
But orjinal link is htt​p:/​/ww​w.xxx.com/?th​eme​dem​o=themename .
Why my any blog content is adding its url link “?th​eme​dem​o=themename”
Sorry my english.
Thanks your helping.
Best Regards

Zen says:

It happened to me too, it does no harm I guess.

Google found a new URL parameter and their bots mustt have tried to append it anywhere in your site.

You can tell google to ignore the themedemo parameter in google webmaster tools.

Matt says:


I have installed the plugin and it is working fine, thanks :)

My only issue is that the preview themes are using categories for the menu. Is there any way to get them to display the wordpress menu (that contains pages) instead? My main site uses the wordpress menu with pages as the menu items so the preview themes look pretty bad as they just show “Uncategorised” as the only menu item.

Vitor Cherulli says:

erro ao editar tema especifico!

Sem permissões suficientes para acessar esta página.

WPku says:

Thanks for great plugins… I used this plugin for my site…

alice says:

This code has some errors in IE7 & IE8,Unspecified error

for(var i=0;i= 0) { // internal link

Mike says:

Superb Plugin!
Everything went smoothly!

How can i use this plugin so that whenever i change a theme , it shows different content for different themes!

Thanks a Lot!

shawn says:

Love the plugin and it seems to work for the most part.

with debug turned on I do get the following notice:
Notice: Undefined index: themedemo in C:\xampp\htdocs\plugins\wordpress-theme-demo-bar\wp_theme_demo_bar.php on line 21

Is this plugin still in active development?

*I can’t think of much of anything I would change as it does exactly what it says it does. I’m just curious if it’s going to be updated for depreciated functions, security, etc…

Zen says:

This plugin is not under active development anymore. However, it will be updated to support newer version of WordPress.

Anyway, the latest update should fix the php notice :)

Mitty says:

Hi .
When I place widget in to the top widget area it breaks the theme.
With bar on the top it seems to work.
If you wish me to show you please email me and I will provide you with demo of broken theme.

Nick says:

it can’t work by WordPress 3.3.1

Zen says:

I tried on WP 3.3.1 and it works. What problem you are having? Please give me a screenshot or something. Thanks.

Hervé says:

I think it is not compatible with Wp 3.3 (I did several tests), while it indicated?
You talk about a future compatibility with WP 3.3.1?
Thank you in advance

Mike says:

Hi Zen,
This plug-in is perfect for freelancers, thank you.
I write to discuss with you that is it possible to add customized catagories/assorting methods for the themes. Now there’s only two ways to assort the themes: by name and previed numbers.

How about by colors/funtions/authors/applications etc, with a pull-drop(ajax) interface like the “Menu” setting in WordPress.
The setting could be at “Plugin Options” tab.
Where it displays a tree align in the drop-down menu at the proview box.
Like this:

Just for your reference, thank you very much!
Take care

Alexandra says:

Hi, I love the idea of your plugIn and apparently with a little bit of Javascript knowledge it should be simple to add that variable to all the urls of your site. Since I’m a total noob when it comes to programming (except for css3 at least) I have always been looking for a php solution to this. Now I read it’s about Javascript. Which is totally new to me as well. I just can’t seem to find an answer how to dynamically add this. What I would love would be for you to (additionally to the articles you wrote about template tags and shortcodes) write an article on what code to write and where exactly to put it since we noobs can’t handle a single snippet without any info what to do withis ;)

I’d be very grateful since I adore how this theme switcher works on your example sites and it’s exactly what I was looking for for a while now.

Thanks for any help (from anyone) in advance!

Rizki Akmanda says:

hello, nice plugin that you have…there is something problem for new wordpress…the Editing Theme Options not working…when i try to go to editing page options, they always said “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”.Can you tell me how to fix this? thanks :)

click here says:

I like this website layout ! How did you make it!? It is really cool.

Debbie says:

I have installed and activated wp theme bar but it is not showing on my page

Erik says:

Great plugin.

Only onde question.
Is it possible when the website is accessed the theme demobar is visible.
Is it also possible that the demobar is persistent when changing themes.
Now when i change a theme the bar is gone.



Toni says:

I have installed the theme bar but it only displays when an admin user is logged in. I would like non registered users to view the theme bar. Could you kindly advise where I would need to make the changes?

Sylvie says:

when I click on Edit theme option I have this error :

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

need help pls…

Thank you


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