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Latest Version is 1.3.1

I received an email from WordPress telling me that this plugin has been removed from WordPress Extend because it scrapes WP website. It doesn’t feel good, because I spent much time in plugin development.
Therefore, support and development for this plugin has stopped.


Sometimes you need to display the number of downloads of your plugin or theme hosted by wordpress, WordPress Extend Download Stat can retrieve it for you. The retrieved data will be stored in your local server and you decide when it should re-synchronize the data.


- Compatible with WordPress 3.0.5
- Tested on WP 2.0.2, WP 2.8, up to 3.0.5
- Should works on latest version as well
- If you are using older versions of WordPress, if possible, please reply here with your version (and error, if any).

Download the Latest Version

Wordpress Extend Download Stat Plugin 1.3.1
[ Downloaded 676 times | ]

FAQs, Screenshots & Changelog

REMOVED FROM WordPress Extend.

Please refer to the WordPress Extend Download Stat Plugin Page at WordPress Extend


  • Retrieve download statistics, download URL and more by just one click
  • It stores the statistics data in your local server
  • Auto synchronize the outdated data in the background using Ajax
  • Manage the plugin’s behaviour and saved data at Plugin Option page
  • You can create custom format at plugin option page and use it for output
  • To make it easier, you can use media button to add download stat to post (see screenshot : Media Button)
  • Template tag function is available if you want to display stats in your template
  • Quickly load all stats of your plugins/themes using your wordpress extend username at plugin option page > Add New Data

What can WordPress Extend Download Stat retrieve?

  • Name of item
  • Latest version number
  • URL to download the latest version
  • Type of item (plugin or theme)
  • Date of last update of the theme/plugin files
  • Number of downloads today
  • Number of downloads on yesterday
  • Number of downloads since last week
  • Total number of downloads

Example of what you can do

Retrieve the total number of downloads and download link for WordPress Theme Demo Bar Plugin

WordPress Theme Demo Bar 1.6.3 - 22,147 downloads

Retrieve the number of downloads today for All-in-One SEO Pack Plugin and display it inline

Wow. All-in-One SEO Pack got 3,083 downloads today.

Using Shortcode

  • To output download stat in blog post, use shortcode Shortcode for wordpress extend download stat plugin in your post content / excerpt.
  • To make it easier, you can use the media button (see screenshot for more info) and follow the steps given.

To understand more about the shortcode Shortcode for wordpress extend download stat plugin and examples:

1. Get Single Info only

Use attribute ‘get’ to return only a single infomation

Valid values of attribute ‘get’ :
All tags available are the valid values of attribute ‘get’. However, you can only use one tag at once. (without curly bracket of course)


  • Get total number of downloads
  • Get number of downloads since last week
  • Get URL to download the latest version

You can use media button to make the whole process a lot easier.

2. Formatted Output – return output based on format id

use attribute ‘format’

you can create and save a new format at plugin option page

Default format is : <a href=”{url}”>{name}</a> has been downloaded {total} times in total


  • Display using default format (you don’t have to specify the format id)
  • Display using format id 1

You can use media button to make the whole process a lot easier.

3. Auto wrap output content with HTML paragraph <p> tag

use attribute ‘autop’

by default autop is set to true, which means it automatically wrap the output content with <p> tags

To display the content inline, use autop=”false”


Using Template Tag Functions

Read more about Using Template Tag Functions in WordPress Extend Download Stat Plugin

Like this plugin? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this plugin and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


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baron says:

Works great, thank you

walklty says:

great plugin, thank u

رسين says:

Great plugin

How can I add the download page .. Example :
.-= رسين´s last blog ..سلسلة المفضلة : 9 مواقع للعب بالصور ومشاركتها مع الآخرين =-.

zen says:

@رسين, for now you can only list the items manually.

The feature will be available in later version.

Shabu Anower says:

Is there any way to retrieve download stats by PHP tag? I want to place in template file. Don’t want to use short code.
.-= Shabu Anower´s last blog ..DM Archives =-.

zen says:

@Shabu Anower, Yup, in version 1.1 (soon)

Thank you.

zen says:

@Shabu Anower, you can now auto upgrade to version 1.1

Nico says:

Thanks for the great plugin, I’m using it to show details on my own plugin’s ‘about’ page.

One problem I have with the plugin is your use of str_ireplace(). Since my site is hosted on a server with php version 4, the str_ireplace() function isn’t available and causes errors.

I’m sure many other people don’t have php5 installed on their server and thus can not use your plugin. For me, I just replace the str_ireplace with the str_replace function in the plugin, but I’m sure not everyone trying your plugin knows how to change this. It could be a good idea to change the function in your plugin so a wider audience can use it. Just a thought of a fellow plugin developer ;)

zen says:

@Nico, alright I will fix that now. The reason I use str_ireplace is because someone might use uppercase letters for the tag, which ends up not being replaced.

I will make a note to remind the users to use lowercase letter.


VVOR says:

This is a great plugin! Thank you very much!

Nico says:

Thanks for changing the str_ireplace, but it looks like you’ve missed one. I’m getting:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_ireplace() in …plugins/wordpress-extend-download-stat/functions.php on line 33

when adding a new plugin stat

zen says:

@Nico, ahh, missed one in another file. Fixed.

Narga says:

I can’t add new data, I got a file url that storaged on Hotfile.com, how to add it to my post?

zen says:

It is not for hotfile.com. It is for themes and plugins hosted at wordpress extend.

eric hamby says:

everytime i try to add content is get this error

” URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /XXXXXEDITXXXXXX/htdocs/wpchoice/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-extend-download-stat/functions.php on line 107″

zen says:

It is your server’s problem. Perhaps your host does not allow content scraping (i am not sure). Try contacting your host.

Eric Hamby says:

Is there a way to get around the host not allowing “file_get_contents”

ئۇيغۇربەگ says:

تەشەككۈرلەر…teshekkurler…谢谢你了,辛苦了…Rexmet sizge! Great Job…

donix says:

good plugin, thank for share…

Felix says:


I really like to use your plugin. But every time I try to add data, Ill get the error:
Error. Invalid data for

Is it my mistake? Or did wordpress change there data format?


same says:

same problem.

karwanpro says:

nice work, thanks my freand

lee chestnutt says:

Great plugin. Exactly what I was looking for and very easy to use. Thanks!

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