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Latest Version is 1.2.4


WordPress Admin Notepad is a plugin for wordpress 3.0+ that allows selected user group to view or edit notes as long as they are logged into admin panel.

WordPress Admin Notepad automatically creates a show/hide notepad toggle at top right corner (beside log out link) so that users can access their notes at anywhere.

WordPress Admin Notepad supports ONLY WordPress 3.0 and above, that is after wordpress added Roles & Capability.


- Compatible up to WordPress 3.0.5
- ONLY for WP 3.0 and above, that is after wordpress added Roles & Capability

Download the Latest Version

WordPress Admin Notepad 1.2.4 - 12,336 downloads

FAQs, Screenshots & Changelog

Please refer to the WordPress Admin Notepad Plugin Page at WordPress Extend


  • Allows selected user groups (roles) to edit/view notes at anywhere in admin panel
  • The toggle at top right corner can be disable
  • Save the state of notepad (visible or hidden)
  • Configure the permission to view or edit the notes for the 4 user levels (editors, author, contributor and subscriber).
  • Size of notepad can be personalized (slim or normal) and will be saved using cookie

Known Issue

1. The notepad cannot identify you as the admin

You are having this problem if you are an admin and:
  • You can’t see the notepad toggle on top right corner
  • You can’t save notes (access denied when saving)
The solutions :
  • You can revert the plugin to version 1.0, i.e the version without permission control. However, PLEASE NOTE THAT this version is insecure because even subscriber (the lowest user level) can view and edit your notes once they are logged into admin panel. So use it at your own risk.
    Wordpress Admin Notepad 1.0 - Without Permission Control
    [ Downloaded 941 times | ]
  • If you do not want to revert back to the insecure version, I am sorry but you have to search for another similar plugin.
Reason of this issue :

The function “get_currentuserinfo()” in the plugin does not run properly in your site.
There is only a few wordpress installation had this problem. WordPress fails to identify you as an admin therefore you can’t save note & it hides the notepad from you.

If you can fix this issue please contact me.

Like this plugin? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this plugin and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


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Nikolay says:

Thanks for the plugin.

I needed this exactly the way it is done, to toggle from the top.
One problem though.
When I open it from the toggle button, the text does not appear in the text field but in front of the “Save” button.

zen says:

@Nikolay, You must be using MSIE or Firefox. I think I fixed that bug in the latest version 1.0.4. You can try auto upgrade it now.

Thank you.

Nikolay says:

Oh, forgot to mention: WordPress 2.8

zen says:

@Nikolay, I’ve tested in wp 2.8 too. I will look into this few hours later as I am going out now. Until then. Thanks for informing me :)

baron says:

Works great, thank you

kraist says:

Actually not that great here.
The Note link didn’t show up in the Dashboard for some reason.
Also, is the plugin able to produce a single Note only?
I mean there’s only one page with notes, you can’t save multiple instances, right?

zen says:

@kraist, Multiple notes will be available soon.

Regarding the note link, what is your wordpress version? I think you are using 2.7. I just fixed a similar bug in wordpress 2.7

Try auto upgrading to the latest version of this plugin.

Thank you.

kraist says:

@zen, yes indeed it appears now.
Still waiting for the multiple notes, I hope it’s on its way. ;)

Something else:
I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled the new version. Funny fact there, my previous note was still coming up.
Maybe you should check the plugin’s deletion routine, some file is left behind I suppose…

zen says:

@kraist, thank you. I’ve added that in version 1.1

Regarding the multiple notes feature, I am afraid I cannot finish that so soon because I am quite busy currently. I will try my best tho.

kraist says:

Ok, thanks for the frequent updates and for the effort.
I’m sure this will become a useful plugin for a lot of users. ;)

Joel says:

Hi zen I created a support thread in the wordpress plugin page. Please have a look.


Thank you.

Nikolay says:

Thanks, for the new version Zen.
Now it works perfect for me.
I didn’t test the permission level for this plugin, but I hope it is only for users with role 9&10

zen says:

@Nikolay, You’re welcomed :)

Check out the latest version 1.1, you can now set the permission (to view or edit) of each user group.

Nikolay says:

Great work, Zen :)
Thank you very much.
From now on this will be my plugin #1 :)
I can not tell you how much I needed this…

zen says:

You’re welcomed. I am glad it helped you :)

Nikolay says:

Yap, you helped me a lot.
I’m waiting for my green card (permanent residence) in South Africa and I don’t have credit card or any other way to donate. Sorry, but if you come to Johannesburg, call me (put my e-mail address in handy place)

Another issue with the plugin.

I noticed that it does not take Cyrillic text (UTF-8)when I save the note from the toggled text area.

Проба is converted to %u041F%u0440%u043E%u0431%u0430

I suppose it would be problem with all non-latin texts.

zen says:

Regarding the donation, its alright, no worries.

You can now try version 1.1.1 and see whether it can save cyrillic text.

Nikolay says:

Now it’s PERFECT :)
Thank you very much.

On the upgrade I lost the notes, but that’s OK.
I had only one.

Once again, Thank You.

zen says:

Hmm? But its not supposed to lost note during the upgrade. I upgraded 4 times without losing any notes.


Rhonda says:

Hi, I installed this plug in on a new site running wp 2.8. At first it worked perfectly and then you I did an automatic upgrade that was available and now the toggle switch is gone. When I navigate to the settings page, I see that there is a new box for permissions. I am an admin, of course, but when I try to save notes it tells me I have no permission to save notes.
I love this plug-in. I hope it works again soon.
.-= Rhonda´s last blog ..The Wilds of Backyardia =-.

Rhonda says:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I found the upgade to 1.1.1 and installed it but still my notes toggle switch is missing and I can’t save notes because it says I don’t have permision.

zen says:

@Rhonda, The only problem here is the function “get_currentuserinfo()” does not run properly in your site.

It cannot identify you as an admin therefore you can’t save note & it hides the notepad from you.

This is what another plugin author reported about his own plugin.

The plugin works fine in most cases, however a number of people complain that the plugin doesn’t work for them. I’ve manage to replicate a scenario where get_currentuserinfo() doesn’t return anything in these cases. Does anyone have any idea why?

Only a few people encounter this problem.

try replacing the old files with this: http://zenverse.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/wordpress-admin-notepad.zip

clear your browser cache before trying it.

If it doesn’t work, I failed and sorry you might need to find another similar plugin.

ashaman says:

Same here, lost my note on upgrade.
Also, is it possible to add more languages to the plugin, even manually.
Please specify the procedure for it so we can update on our own without pestering you for every single charset out there, one at a time… :P

Rhonda says:

Thanks for the reply. I deactivated and deleted the plug-in, cleared my cache and did a clean install. It still hides the note toggle switch and now it tells me I don’t have permission to change settings.
Is there some way to go back to version 1.0? It worked for me until the most recent upgrade. If not, that’s ok. I love the plug-in though, it was perfect when it worked.
.-= Rhonda´s last blog ..What are you lookin’ at? =-.

zen says:

@Rhonda, Yes you can revert to version 1.0 (without permission control).

However, it is insecure. See Above.

Ben Truscott says:

Ok os i installed it and everything but it doesnt seem to show in the top right, maybe im stupid but i can’t see to find the start of the solution anywhere!

zen says:

@Ben Truscott, take a look at the known issue. Some people can’t view/edit just like you. =(

Jose' Vargas says:

I was able to get your plug-in to recognize user levels in wp 2.8.4. I had to reconfigure how your plug-in was trying to validate the user level. The notes wasn’t displaying in the menu bar. So, I commented out a section and got it to work. The site I’m working on is a private site, so I’m not worried too much about users being able to view the notes. More so about them being able to write in them.

zen says:

@Jose’ Vargas, it’s been months since I last looked into the plugin’s codes.

Did you mean you turned off the user level validation process?


Drew says:

Feature Request – have you thought about multiple notes? I’d be nice to be able to create multiple notes, and if possible, convert those notes into posts.

Koray Soner says:

First, it’s a great plugin thanks and i was using three months. But i deactivated yesterday accidently. When i activated again, there aren’t my notes. Where is stored my notes? What can i do?

koraysoner says:

First, it’s a great plugin thanks and i was using three months. But i deactivated yesterday accidently. When i activated again, there aren’t my notes. Where is stored my notes? What can i do?

Karen @ Pledging for Change says:

Maybe I have done something wrong. In my admin I managed to create 3 notes and saved them. So far so good.
But logging in as contributor ( test account) I cant see any notes anywhere whatsoever.

I have set the “view notes” for contributors correctly so I thought they would simple see the notes inside their dashboard????



Roko says:

great plugin but i need this plugin like widget in admin edit post section … you know… where you creating/editing posts

Christine Golden says:

I manage my family’s ranch website with WP and my mother and I use the Notepad plugin a lot. I had to deactivate it recently, tho. It seems to be preventing me from uploading photos via NexGen Gallery.

The error message says:
ERROR: name-of-image.jpg:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_version_2digits() in website/path/plugins/wordpress-admin-notepad/wp-admin-notepad.php on line 39

I’m just learning PHP and can make changes to the file if you have a suggestion. Otherwise, we will have to wait for your next update.

Unless this is an NGG problem and I should contact them. Let me know if that’s what you think.

PS. I’ve lots our notes, too. Are they stored anywhere that I can find them?

zen says:

Upgrade to the latest version, it will fix this problem. Actually this problem arise due to other plugins are using a file called functions.php , which our Notepad plugin is using the same filename as well. Conflict happens during load time and thus the error occurs.

DomainSoil says:

Adding functionality to email a list of addresses when the list is modified/saved would prove useful.

Say there is one ADMIN and several EDITORS:

EDITORS want a plugin, post note to notepad. The note will sit there until the admin logs in to see it.

Why not NOTIFY the admin that a note was posted?

Thanks for a great plugin!

GlooK says:

Please, fixed…

File: ajax.php
Before: require_once(‘functions.php’);
After: require_once(‘../../../wp-includes/functions.php’);

zen says:

Wait for version 1.2.3 in a few minutes time.

The fix is:


John Coldwell says:

Great plugin! I use it for everything. It does lose all the notes when you disable and re-enable it. I guess the notes are not stored in the WP database. It also lost notes when I upgraded to WP version 3.3, but I had learned and made a copy.

In WP 3.3 there is no toggle in the upper right corner anymore to hide or unhide the Notepad. Just keep the notepad visible, and click on “Screen Options” and down pops the Notepad.

Filip says:

Why does the admin note box change sizes (slim to large) although I would it to be slim always. No way to introduce customizable size (height/width)?


Max Pen says:

Your plugin is great but has 1 major flaw.

it doesn’t store the info saved if you deactivate and re-activate the plugin in some cases.

I don’t know exactly what triggers it to lose all saved info but I have had it happen to me on some occasions.

Annoying, as I don’t exactly remember what I had stored there…


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