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Stripe Square is a free wordpress magazine theme with premium features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, featured video, latest tweets, social bookmark, popular posts and more. View the list of features below.

Type : Semi Magazine (uses excerpt at blog index)
Functionality : Blog


  • Blue-green and white as main colours
  • 1 more colour scheme available for choosing (blue)
  • Fixed width, widget-ready and gravatar-ready
  • Tested on Chrome, FireFox, IE6, IE8, Opera, Safari.
  • Tested and working properly up to WordPress 3.5
  • Beautify your blog using Post Thumbnail and Post Image
  • Featured Posts displayed using animated slideshow
  • Tabbed Menu with 3 tabs at sidebar
  • About Us Menu at sidebar
  • Featured Video at sidebar
  • Ready for Google Analytics, Adsense and Webmaster Tools
  • Twitter Integration, display latest tweets at sidebar
  • Feedburner Integration (including showing off your feedcount)
  • Built-in plugins such as page navigation and related posts.
  • Built-in social bookmark buttons to let your reader share your post easily
  • Auto determine and display popular posts at footer
  • Four ads spots in sidebar
  • Commented CSS files for easy editing
  • Custom Theme Options at Admin Panel


Preview Stripe Square (50495)


Stripe Square Wordpress Theme 1.1
[ Downloaded 4509 times | ]

Check back soon, an important update (wordpress thumbnail feature and version checker) is rolling out to all Zenverse themes, starting from the latest theme.

Recommendations for User

Manual Excerpt

To make your blog looks better, you need to include a manual excerpt for every post (like my blog). You can add that while editing or adding new post. You can, however, leave your excerpt empty and wordpress will automatically make an excerpt for you, but all HTML tags would be auto removed.

Post Image & Thumbnails

Post Thumbnail is a square image of size 125 x 125 pixels, shown at blog index, related posts and search.
Post Image is an image of size 550 x 190 pixels, shown at single post page, below the post title.
To beautify your blog, try to include post thumbnails for every post (if possible).

Featured Category

In most cases, not all your featured posts are in the same category. You can create a new category (let’s say I called it : Featured) and choose it as the “Featured Category” at the theme option page.
Step-by-step guide to activate Featured Gallery

WP-PageNavi Plugin Conflict

Some users reported that WP-PageNavi plugin causes the sidebar and footer to be missing. If you have WP-PageNavi plugin installed, you should deactivate the plugin.


Version 1.1
- Fixed the possible problem: site become blank after loading

Version 1.0.1
- Moved “width: expression(this.width > 555 ? 555: true);” to ie.css since it is specificly being used by IE only
- Edited zenverse_gallery.js to fix the javascript error

Version 1.0
- First version

Theme Support / Edit / Add Features

Free theme support service has been stopped. If you need some tweaking or want to add features, please contact me. *Depending on the matter, you might need to buy me a cup of coffee or 3

Like this theme? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this theme and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


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Adam says:

Very good theme. Thank you.

ez says:

Thank you very much. this is real cool.

Flux says:

Great theme thanks!

wowo says:

All In One Seo Pack doesn’t work with this theme.. can you fix it?


shendy wilandria says:

thx ! very cool themes !

Alexander Maxham says:

Hi, I just downloaded this theme and added it to my blog, but I had one small problem which I hope could be fixed easily. In the Related Posts section on a few of my posts, the pictures aren’t lined up sometimes theres four rows instead of three. You can see an example of it here:


geekgirl says:

Another minor fix:

In simple_recent_comments.php , line 26:

Replace “substr” with “mb_substr”

From PHP manual on mb_substr():
“Performs a multi-byte safe substr() operation based on number of characters. Position is counted from the beginning of str. First character’s position is 0. Second character position is 1, and so on.”

mb_substr() takes the same arguments as substr, except for one extra & optional parameter (encoding):
“The encoding parameter is the character encoding. If it is omitted, the internal character encoding value will be used.”

So we need not worry about making any further modifications to the code.

This solved an issue for me where, occasionally, a strange box/character (with a question mark in it) appeared at the end of the shortened comment right before the three dots “…”, and that was due to my blog using a Language that uses Unicode (UTF8) encoding.


geekgirl says:

A third minor fix:

For those who have wordpress database installed with a different prefix than “wp_” (configurable in wp-config.php)

Please update the mysql_query in each of:
1. category.php
2. index.php
3. search.php

In the mysql_query(), change “wp_comments” to “$wpdb->comments”.

That fixed it for me.


geekgirl says:

Sad that an important comment or two that I posted prior to my two comments above, were lost, as I don’t remember what fixes I’ve described in them, for having made a lot of changes.

Anyway, another minor fix:
Firefox (and CSS validation via “Web Developer Toolbar”) complains:
Warning: Error in parsing value for ‘width’. Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 596

That expression argument to width is IE specific, so it’s better to move it (along with a copy of its container) to ie.css

P.S. I remember now one of the important things I mentioned in one of my lost comments:
javascript errors in the bundled zenverse_gallery.js, due to missing semicolons in the packed version of the script.
Note to Zen: Please make sure that all lines in the original javascript code end with semicolon ‘;’, especially those that are not followed by a closing curly brace ‘}’, because when packing (and compacting) the script, the line will get concatenated with the next line and the code will break without the separating semicolons.

Again, thanks a lot for the wonderful work you do.

zen says:

Weird, I did not receive any comment about that previously. Maybe it was marked as spam.

So I updated the theme to version 1.0.1, can you please try the javascript problem again? Where do you get the error message anyway?

Thanks a lot.

chocolate says:

Thank you for your nice theme, but I still have a problem about “Featured Content”.
My feature is called “TOP”( ,but I don’t know why the gallery doesn’t show all the pictures.
Thank you .

vela says:

thanks very much ,so nice

ant says:

hi thanks for the great theme. I have a problem with IE8, the page after load the entire home page, dissapears and remain blank. This problem not occur with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Thanks for support.

electronica says:

Love your theme, but i have a suggestion, the tabb category shows the amount of post, i removed that because it’s as is show in all the pages,post of the blog alters the keywords density of the general site.

From Arg, Cesar

PD: sorry my bad english

Babloo says:

WOW! Awesome Theme.Thanks! Gonna use it to my New site.

TheShadow says:

Hi,Great theme.I like it.How can i remove the footer credit i mean the credit to hosting site.i will only credit to the original author ie you

gallbladder surgery says:

Fantastic theme. Thanks for the heads up

masterintech says:

Great site will lot of good Themes and also the free.It is a very informative and useful.

Nike says:

Hi,Great theme.I like it.How can i remove the footer credit i mean the credit to hosting site.i will only credit to the original author ie youjughkjhh


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