Post Thumbnail of 23 Free & Great Comic Fonts for Cartoon-like Design

To create a comic or cartoon-like design, you would need comic fonts. Different fonts have different uses in comics, some were used in dialogue, some in sound effect, etc.

7 July 2009  Design Tips
Post Thumbnail of How To Fix Unclickable Links When You Use PNG as Background Image in MSIE

You must have applied filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader to the css and found that the links became unclickable. In fact the solution was found…

6 July 2009  Design Tips
Post Thumbnail of Inspiration Bookmark : BBoy Joker (Animation)

This video is short but I must admit that it’s great. It must be hard to make such video because not only the dance moves, but also the lightings play an important role.

First, watch the video below then watch the making of it.

4 July 2009  Inspiration
Post Thumbnail of So You Think You Can Drive? Now See This!

I am going to share with you guys some videos I found on Youtube. The videos were old, but worth watching. They were doing extremely incredible stunt parking, enjoy!

2 July 2009  Off-Topic Thursday
Post Thumbnail of Light Mini Icons & Bullets for Various Uses (Include PSD and PNG)

Here is the first version of the Light Mini Symbol & Bullets. Currently it contains 34 icons. I am developing a number wordpress themes so I am not free to make more than these today. More symbols will be added as time goes on.

1 July 2009  Freebies,Icons Pack,Resources
Post Thumbnail of Preload Images using CSS - For Smooth & Instant Rollover Effect

To improve your website’s design or user experience, you might need to preload some images for smooth hover or rollover. Instead of using javascript to preload the images, we can do that using CSS.

30 June 2009  Design Tips
Post Thumbnail of Social Bookmark Logo Brushes - Free Photoshop Brush Set

This brush pack contains 12 logos of popular social bookmark website for you to make your own social bookmark icons. The brushes are at least 200 pixels x 200 pixels.

Post Thumbnail of Wordpress Admin Notepad Plugin - Take Note at Anywhere!

Wordpress Admin Notepad is a plugin for wordpress 2.7+ (compatible up to WP 2.8) that enable admin to save notes as long as they are in admin panel. Development stopped. Might recode this plugin in the future.

Downloaded 12,336 times

26 June 2009  Featured,Wordpress Plugins
Post Thumbnail of 10 Facts That You Might Not Know - Part 1

1. There is no paper in this world that can be self-folded for more than 12 times.
2. Based on the calculations, mules kill more man than plane crashing.
3. Sleeping consume more calories than sitting down and watch television.
4. The first object …

25 June 2009  Off-Topic Thursday
Post Thumbnail of Symbol Tree - Free Photoshop Brush Set

Symbol Tree is a set of cute tree-like brushes. This is my second set of photoshop brushes. Feel free to download it and give it a try. The pack contains 18 brushes.

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