Post Thumbnail of Scrambled Paper Social Bookmark Icons

This is a set of free social bookmark icons with scrambled paper effect. They are ready to be downloaded right away. Change the colour of the icons using the “Hue/Saturation” layer to match your design.

Post Thumbnail of Inspiration: 20 Creative Drawings on Eggs

Eggs are plain by default but they can be transformed into cute decorations if you apply some colours and draw a face on it. Well, see how these creative people decorate eggs and also surrounding to make them “alive”.

14 August 2009  Inspiration
Post Thumbnail of Inspiration: 12 Creative Advertisements

It is undeniable that advertisements can increase the popularity of a product or pass a message to the community. However, advertisements are everywhere nowadays: on the TV, radio, websites, advertisement boards and more. Therefore, your advertisement must stand out among the rest to gain attention. While thinking how to be creative, let’s see how these advertisements were done, the creative way.

11 August 2009  Inspiration
Post Thumbnail of My Cambridge A-levels Result Coming Out Tomorrow!

I took my Cambridge A-levels exam on May & June. After waiting for 2 months, finally the result is coming out tomorrow, in about 7 hours. I hope to get a really good result. Wish me good luck :)

UPDATE: I am satisfied with the result.

9 August 2009  ZENVERSE News
Post Thumbnail of How To Completely Remove All Malicious Iframes on Your Website Forever

Last month, my site was injected with some malicious iframes linking to china websites. The codes were added to my wordpress main index.php, my theme’s sidebar.php, wp-admin/default-filter.php and more. The first thing I think of was to..

6 August 2009  Web Development
Post Thumbnail of Inspiration: 14 Cute & Creative Creations using Food

While you are hungry, looking at the photo of foods makes you hungrier. However, that doesn’t happen when it comes to these foods becase they are way too cute to be eaten. The creative integration of food and humans’ life is what makes them special.

3 August 2009  Inspiration
Post Thumbnail of Delighted Wordpress Theme - Free Theme with Premium Features

Delighted is a free blue-white wordpress theme with features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, social bookmark, popular posts and more.
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Post Thumbnail of Smooooth - Free Social Bookmark Icon Pack

Smooooth is a set of free and “smooth” social bookmark icons ready to be downloaded right away. Change the colour of the icons using the “Hue/Saturation” layer to match your design. Enjoy the pack!

Post Thumbnail of A New & Unique Design for ZENVERSE, soon

Zenverse blog will have a new & unique look soon. Most likely it would be in blue because it is my favourite colour. This new theme will also prepare zenverse for its version 2.

27 July 2009  ZENVERSE News
Post Thumbnail of Mecolox - Free Contact Form Design/Interface (PSD)

Mecolox is my first set of contact form interface. It is in PSD format so you can simply change its colour to suit your design. Feel free to use it for any purpose, even commercial projects. Change the main colour using “Hue & Saturation” to your desired colour.

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