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MonoShade is a multi colour scheme premium wordpress theme with advanced features and jQuery effects. It has 4 choices of blog index styles, 5 choices of fonts, 5 choices of animation styles for featured gallery, auto thumbnail generation, 5 ready-made adsense positions and more. All can be controlled via the powerful theme options page.

Also, it can have unlimited colour schemes (it has 8 colour schemes currently). As soon as I make the colour schemes avaiable for download, you can install them easily by copy and paste the files

Blog Index Styles: One-column Magazine / Two-column Magazine (Square or rectangle thumbnail) / Full Post Without Thumbnail (choose your preferred blogging style at theme options page)
Functionality : Text Blog
Price : Start from $15


Preview MonoShade (87900)

If you previewed this theme before this, please refresh your browser to clear the cache so that you are loading the latest CSS files.

All About MonoShade Theme

The list of features, how to purchase and download, FAQs, screenshots and changelog are now hosted at:
MonoShade Premium WordPress Theme

Thank you.


Posted by Zen on 23 September 2009 88 comments
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Michael says:

I’m interested in buying Monoshade (+ that option to remove the links from footer).

But first I saw a problem at Monoshade. The RSS Feed and The Rss for comments work just perfectly with Firefox, but they don’t work at all in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Could you make those RSS feeds (for posts and comments) point to instead of ?

I think this is why they don’t work in Internet Exlprer and Google Chrome…because only Firefox offers that Live Bookmarks feature.

If you solve that I want to buy it.

zen says:

I am sorry but that is not a bug and they are 2 different things. is your feedburner rss feed. is your wordpress rss feed.

I know the reason why you said that they are not working. It is because firefox has bult-in rss reader while chrome and internet explorer don’t have one. If you have opera browser, you will notice that it has a rss reader too.

RSS feed is meant to be subscribed via third party client so that you can be notified when the content of the site has been updated. Its just that internet explorer and chrome don’t have the feature.

- Zen

Michael says:

Thanks for the reply! I understand what you meant and I knew what’s the different between those two RSS feeds.

Anyway, I saw that on other WordPress templates the RSS icon redirects to the feedburner rss feed.

I want to buy Monoshade, but if its RSS icon would redirect to my feedburner account.

If somebody who uses Internet Explorer wants to subscribe to my RSS feed….surprise…he/she can only see a huge source code.

If you can make that, I want to buy it (with the option to remove the links from footer).


zen says:

Oh, if thats so, the feature is already in the theme. In theme option, there is an option called “Replace the default feed url with Feedburner RSS URL”. Just tick the checkbox and all wordpress feed will be replaced by your feedburner feed.

However, the rss link in the footer will not be replaced. This is a bug and it will be fixed in next version. So i recommend you to purchase only when new version 1.1.6 is out, probably tomorrow/2 days later.

Version 1.1.6 also comes with new feature such as totally widgetized sidebar and more.

What about comments rss link? Anything need to be changed on that part?


Tpur says:

Hello ! Can you create a new theme for me? How much will cost? Cheers

zen says:

Unfortunately, no. I am too busy for custom theme, sorry.

Tpur says:

I will try to contact you from your contact form!

burro says:

How fast can you deliver this theme if I am buying it? Which background colors has this theme? Thanks

zen says:

It can be delivered within 12 hours. I will make the process automatic very soon. You can check out the colour schemes at

T.o.s says:

Hey, Im using your black tribe theme right now, i was wondering if you could make the premium version of that for me and pay the same price as this. Let me know


zen says:

It would take very long time if you want to add all the monoshade features to black tribe. Fortunately, monoshade can have unlimited colour schemes. I will make a fully dark colour scheme (like black tribe) for monoshade when i am free, probably in 1 week (if you need it)

Michael says:

Thanks for your quick reply!

About the comments RSS link…. it would be good if I could have an option to hide the RSS for comments. I mean…I would like to have only the other rss (for posts and for e-mail) in my theme if it’s possible. So that it wouldn’t look that bad in Internet explorer or Chrome.

By the way…will Monoshade work good with WordPress 2.9.2?


zen says:

Yeah, I know you people would need that feature, so I already added that feature this morning.

Yes, it would work with the latest wordpress 2.9.2 since there is only small change compared to previous version. Taken from wordpress blog:

Thomas Mackenzie alerted us to a problem where logged in users can peek at trashed posts belonging to other authors. If you have untrusted users signed up on your blog and sensitive posts in the trash, you should upgrade to 2.9.2.

Michael says:

Ok, great then!

One more question… I know I have to register to your forum first. Can I register with this email, and make the payment with my PayPal email?

I don’t want to make my PayPal email visible in the forum. I could send you an email (from this email address) in which I will tell you the email address that I use for PayPal.

I also want the option to remove the link from the footer. How can I pay for that?

Can’t wait for the new version :))

zen says:

You don’t have to worry about the email thing. You can register using this email address and pay using paypal address. Nobody will know your paypal address.

To pay for monoshade, please visit this page. You can choose the type of purchase there.

zen says:

New version 1.1.6 has been released today.

yamfs says:

Hi !

Just bought the monoshade theme. Damm it’s really nice working with it. Like it very much.

But I do have a small question regarding the drop down menu in the header link sections.

I was not able to figure out how to make animated dropdown menu for categories and pages, like shown here:

Can somebody explain me how to make them?
Is it possible to have multiple drop down menus?

Thanks in advance,


Melvin Pereira says:


I just wanted to find out the post thumbnails and featured images, for each post are they created automatically taking the first picture from the post ?

I just want to know about this one feature before I buy it, I think the theme is awesome as it is otherwise :)

Vincent says:

You guys are awesome! I am very interesting with your theme! Would you mind to created that’s theme for blogspot? I’ll pay for it. Thank you,

cascd says:

hi zen,i want to ask one thing. does this themes is SEO friendly?thank you.

Rudy says:

I’ve made a site all about makeup using your theme. Thanks! I would like to modify the entire header rather than just a small section though. Is there any way to do it? What I’ve done can be seen at What I want is the yellow going all the way to the end rather than a yellow block inserted the middle of the panel. Any ideas?

Ed says:

I’m interested in buying this theme. Can I see a One Column style preview? Thanks. I’ll be bookmarking this page.

Jurijs says:

The “PSD for header” I cant find

zen says:

After purchasing the theme, you can find it under “Download” tab > Scroll down to “Extra Downloads” section


Kevin says:

I will wait for the new version to buy.I think it will be much better.

Zei says:

Such a very nice Theme!!
Wish to have WordPress blog instead. :)

Casper says:

I like this template!! :)


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