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Why do I make this post?
As a guideline for myself as well as for the visitors like you.
I made this post to teach and at the same time remind myself about what I can do to increase blog traffic.

This post will be constantly updated when I got the idea.

The Free Methods

1. Giving away free resources

People love free resources especially when they can download them for free. If you can design, why not spend some time to make some and distribute them for free.

Some free resources that you can give away:

  • rss icons
  • social bookmark icons
  • photoshop brushes
  • font
  • buttons

Link : free resources by me

2. Making free wordpress plugins

Blog using wordpress and you will notice what feature is missing and people might need it. That’s how I come out with WordPress Theme Demo Bar – A theme preview plugin for wordpress and more.

Make sure you submit and host the plugin at to get tons of traffic from there.

3. Making free wordpress themes

Most people would search for free themes at first instead of paid themes. To get these traffics, you can submit your free theme to the major theme listing websites. Of course, your theme has to be pretty.

[I will come out with a list of websites soon]

4. Making step-by-step guides

Went through a hard time getting a thing to work? Post it on your blog how you manage to get it working at last. People will thank you if they found the solution on your blog.

Doing good deed and getting traffic at the same time. :)

5. Making design tutorial

If you can design a particular object very well, share the method (along with screenshots) on the web and get some traffics from it. For example: a coffee cup, etc.

The Paid Methods

1. Traditional Method – Advertising

Of course, you should buy advertising slot from websites with similar niche. No more descriptions needed for this.

2. Buying traffic

Lots of package out there but I have no experience in this.

The end. Well, not yet

This post will be constantly updated when I got the idea.

Thank you.


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Christa Herzog says:

Thank you, you reminded me to offer something for free. The problem is time. There is just too much to do. I work on getting more visitors making some backlinks, but I am way behind others and so I have only a few visitors a day. I offer a lot of content and am found by search engines, but it is not enough “yet”. You have lots of backlinks and lots of visitors.

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