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Posted in Featured , Free Themes , Wordpress Themes on 20 July 2009 233 comments
Lunated has been removed from WordPress Extend

Due to violation of GPL – linking to website that link to themes with non-GPL license, oh well. :)


Lunated is a free dark and purple wordpress theme with premium features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, flickr photos, latest tweets, social bookmark, popular posts and more. View the list of features below.

Type : Semi Magazine
Functionality : Blog


  • Dark + Purple as main colours
  • Fixed width, widget-ready and gravatar-ready
  • 2 blog index style : Magazine with thumbnail or Show full post
  • Available in 5 fonts : Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial, Verdana, Calibri & Georgia
  • Tested on Chrome, FireFox, IE6, IE8, Opera, Safari.
  • Tested and working properly up to WordPress 3.5
  • Beautify your blog using Post Thumbnail and Post Image
  • Featured Posts displayed using animated slideshow
  • Tabbed Menu available
  • Ready for Google Analytics, Adsense and Webmaster Tools
  • Twitter Integration, display latest tweets at footer
  • Flickr Integration, share photos easily (needs flickrRSS plugin)
  • Feedburner Integration, auto generates the email subscription form for you
  • Built-in plugins such as page navigation and related posts.
  • Built-in social bookmark buttons to let your reader share your post easily
  • Auto determine and display popular posts at footer
  • Four ads spots in sidebar
  • Commented CSS files for easy editing
  • Custom Theme Options at Admin Panel


Preview Lunated (64482)


16,206 downloads at wordpress extend before they removed it.
Lunated Wordpress Theme 1.4.4
[ Downloaded 4723 times | ]

Check back soon, an important update (wordpress thumbnail feature and version checker) is rolling out to all Zenverse themes, starting from the latest theme.

Recommendations for User

Manual Excerpt

To make your blog looks better, you need to include a manual excerpt for every post (like my blog). You can add that while editing or adding new post. You can, however, leave your excerpt empty and wordpress will automatically make an excerpt for you, but all HTML tags would be auto removed.

Post Image & Thumbnails

Post Thumbnail is a square image of size 125 x 125 pixels, shown at blog index, related posts and search.
Post Image is an image of size 550 x 190 pixels, shown at single post page, below the post title.
To beautify your blog, try to include post thumbnails for every post (if possible).

Featured Category

In most cases, not all your featured posts are in the same category. You can create a new category (let’s say I called it : Featured) and choose it as the “Featured Category” at the theme option page.
Step-by-step guide to activate Featured Gallery

WP-PageNavi Plugin Conflict

Some users reported that WP-PageNavi plugin causes the sidebar and footer to be missing. If you have WP-PageNavi plugin installed, you should either deactivate the plugin or remove the built-in WP-PageNavi plugin to avoid conflict.


1. You need to install flickrRSS plugin to show your flickr photos at footer.


Version 1.4.4
- Fixed unclickable links at featured gallery
- Changed file: index.php , js/zenverse_gallery.js and style.css

Version 1.4.3
- Max width of images fixed for pages that uses “nosidebar” template
- Changed file: nosidebar.php and style.css

Version 1.4.2
- Fixed a small display bug in the tabbed menu in MSIE
- 1 changed file only : lunated/css/tabber.css

Version 1.4.1
- Some files and folder were missing during the process of upload. This version fixed that.
- Fixed the “category page style”

Version 1.3.7
- Category and search result page can now have their own style (choose from the 3 styles similar to blog index styles)
- Files changed : functions.php, search.php and category.php

Version 1.3.6
- Fixed some HTML tags
- Added link to theme support at theme option page
- Changed <span> tag to <h1> tag for post title
- Files changed : functions.php, style.css, index.php, single.php, page.php, category.php, search.php, footer.php, sidebar.php, nosidebar.php, archives.php and new file : themeoptions.css.

Version 1.3.5
- Started to record changelog

Theme Support / Edit / Add Features

Free theme support service has been stopped. If you need some tweaking or want to add features, please contact me. *Depending on the matter, you might need to buy me a cup of coffee or 3

Like this theme? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this theme and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


Posted by Zen on 20 July 2009 233 comments
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canadian says:

Great work, webmaster, nice

Rik says:

Hi. I just started using this great theme, but for some reason it has made my entire blogroll dissapear from the sidebar en also when I go to the links-page (blog/links) there is nothing there.. I have no idea why? Do you?

Another problem that I nocited: at the bottom the links in Popular Posts all go the same/wrong url.


Rik says:

ps I’m using version 1.3.5

Rik says:

Sorry, I just learned that had to start using widgets. It’s all fine now, thnks.

Naseya says:

Hi! I love your layout. I just installed it. I just transferred my old wordpress blog to a new one so I’m just getting started and have some questions. How do I remove the search tab at the top? what plug in do u recommend that works well with this layout to show videos? Thanks in advance.

Naseya says:

never mind…i figured it out by reading older comments

balint says:


I’m using lunated 1.2 and I want to move the widget bar above the “Subscribe to updates” section, but I can’t find how to do that. Could anyone help? Thanks!

zen says:

@balint, the codes you need to move/edit is long. Please post this topic at the forum so that it is easier to explain.

yonade says:

hey zen…fantastic one!!!
but, i dont understand the featured category process for the homepage? i have added a category called featured and added the larger 550 x 190 image but nothing shows? why?

thanks master…

zen says:

@yonade, you should read the guide.

Caroz says:

I have the same problem, I’m using the latest version, I followed the “guide” to create a featured section, at the begining it was working perfectly but after one day it disapeared, I can only see the blank space for the featured section, but it is blanck without pictures or text, any idea why?

Lauren Cooke says:

Hello. Thanks for the theme, it is great.

I have a couple of quick novice questions, probably really silly but I thought I would ask anyway.

1) What size does the customer head have to be to fit perfectly?

2) can you change the size of the header section for a bigger image?


Joanna Sayers says:

Really love the theme and having learned how to use it, I’m running it on my training/fundraising blog for the London Marathon. Thank you so much.

Joanna Sayers says:

Got a quick question: how do I change the order of things in my sidebar? Specifically, I want to move the 4 sponsored ad blocks to the top of the sidebar.

I have a feeling there’s lots more I could do with this but don’t know how to.

Your expertise would be much appreciated :)

Thank you,
Joanna Sayers

zen says:

Theme support is at the forum, please post a topic at the forum. It’s easier to write codes there. Cheers.

Freelance Web Designer says:

Good job and beautiful theme! Thanks

Christina Foxx says:

Once I upgraded I am having issues with post. Unless I make them full view the post only show a summary, even when you click on the post it self??

zen says:

But I did not change anything on that part. Its working on my site.

Numaga says:


I’ve been making a wordpress website, loved this theme but I found a small error!

When changing the “Category Page Style” it didn’t work. The information under it about about the search pages.

On my front page and search pages I’m able to show the large thumbnails but in the category is still shows the default.

Here’s a picture to see the error:

zen says:

Version 1.3.7 is buggy, please download the latest version 1.4.0 at above.

nc says:

below the home and all those.. i can’t seem to make the feature.. to be showed?
i tried everything for

but it still never show the feature where it moves. help please thanks

Numaga says:

New 1.4.0 works great =) Wanted to thank you for this wonderfull theme. Had to chop down some stuff to get the desired look and feel but the core is still clearly visible. If this website brings in some money soon, I’ll donate for sure.

Thanks again for this great theme.

zen says:

You’re welcomed. Thanks for using :)

JSDK says:

Hi Zen i Love you theme and insttal them to I Having bug because dynamic meta {title] don’t run

Akdenizli says:

hii thenk you very very nice thema

ılove you lunated

Drew says:

Just downloaded version 1.4.1 and noticed that line 39 of ‘page.php’ is
and am assuming it should be

zen says:

For some reason, I can’t see the codes. Please post a topic at theme support forum.

LaCosaNostra84 says:


I recently lost my blog and have now reinstalled it – on the previous installation, I was able to set the default thumbnail and post image but on the new install I can only set the default thumbnail and have to set the post image manually.

Can you tell me what I need to do or what I am doing wrong?

In the lunated settings I can only specify the default thumbnail (not sure if thats the only option I had previously) but I didnt have any issues before.


zen says:

Hi, no versions of lunated allows you to set a default post image. Post image is either shown (if not empty) or nothin is shown (if empty).


springfeldt says:


first of all: GREAT THEME! THANX!

I have the following problem: The counter in the comments does not work. each comment is #1 !?

How can i fix this problem? Or am I doing something wrong in the preferences?



zen says:

This shouldn’t be happening. Anyway, I see you have change the footer content so I guess it does not matter now.

Numaga says:

Hi Zen,

I have 1 more question about this theme. I couldn’t help notice you have special “Attributes” when creating a new page. Is it possible to get these with Posts too?

I’m specifically looking for the “No sidebar” option when people go into the “read more” of the post. With this I can offer much higher resolution images!

I was struggling in making a “dual wordpress setup” with the same theme only 1 without the sidebar for images galleries, too hard for me :)

Could you please help me out with this?

Kind regards,

Numaga says:

I found a small problem when selecting “no sidebar”. I upload an image 930 px wide on the page without sidebar, but it gets cropped to 600 or something automatically.

zen says:

There will be a fix in next version (probably in 1 or 2 days)

Numaga says:

Thank you. Works like a charm! I have send you a small donation for all your hard work.

All the best,


zen says:

Thank you for the donation. =]

Drew Ryden says:

Any word on changing the proportions of the main post image? Updates? If not, how do you change it?


Drew Ryden says:

Hey, thanks for the quick reply even though your date say Jan 25?. Is version 1.4.4 the version that you can change the size of the main post image? I’m really anxoius to get that update or know how to change the size with php and css.


zen says:

You can now download version 1.4.3 which fixed this problem.

Raymond Padilla says:

Hi there Zen,

Is there any way to underline the words “logged in” in the line “You must be logged in to post”? A few of my readers are missing the link.

Drew Ryden says:

Great theme and thank you for providing free tech support for this. I will certainly consider zenverse the next time I need a paid theme. Seriously!

I’m helping out a friend with some size changes to the theme. She wants to make the main post image that’s 550 x 190 to a more squarish dimension say 550 x 400. Is that a edit that I can do? I know how to change the Theme Functions text to say a certain dimension, but this kinda global change I can’t seem to figure out. Please help.


dismal says:

thanks for fixing the clickable gallery thing!

Claudiu says:

Thank you for giving it for free, just installed it on – I do have a question though, is it possible to add 2 buttons/links above the posts on the index page that say “Sort by popularity” and “Sort by Date”?

Edo says:

Great theme!

I have aquestion I hope you can answer!

How do you increase the image size in a gallery to show the full image size? Right now, it shows a smaller size of images. I would also like to know if there is a way that one would click the image so that it would automatically go to the next one.

Please help! Appreciate it immensely!

Edo says:

(Correction: Please delete previous comment. It wasn’t clear enough. Thank you!)

Great theme!

I have a question I hope you can answer:

How do you show the larger version of an image from the gallery AFTER someone clicks on the thumbnail? Right now, after I click a photo from the gallery, it forwards me to a page showing a smaller size of the image. Is there a way to modify this?

Also, I would like to know if there is a way to automatically go to the next photo after clicking on the photo.

Please help! Appreciate it immensely!

[ Reply ]

Website design chennai says:

WordPress Theme u are posted as really useful features enabled…great sharing.Thanku

Giselle says:

Great work! Could you release this theme for Blogger users as well?

Thanks a lot!


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