Inspiration: 17 New Technology and Designs

Posted in Inspiration on 6 February 2010 6 comments

Technology is getting more and more advanced nowadays. All kinds of weird and should-be-impossible designs were possible now. I got this email from my friend. They might be outdated already but anyway, enjoy!

Apple Curved Screen

Weirdest Computer From Samsung

Table Computer

Mobile Phone / Computer with Expandable Screen

Touch Screen Phone

New Mouse Design

Bendable Screen from Sony

Side Lamp Computer

New Bathtub

Clothes that saves energy during day and glow during night

Future Kitchen

Electronic Paper for Easy Correction

Foldable Office

New MP3 player

Foldable TV Screen

Computer with 3 screens

New bulding from Korea


Posted by Zen on 6 February 2010 • 13,671 visits 6 comments

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VrnDream says:

Fine article. I like Touch Screen Phone

Max Sweet says:

Ya the Phone concept is cool but I’m still waiting on that Nokia Research Center and Cambridge Nanoscience Center Project to come out. Youtube keywords “Nokia Morph”.

Hey Zen, How do you find these things, bored at work surfing deviantart?

zen says:

They were taken from emails from my friends :)

Sidik says:

New bulding from Korea, cool and calm design.. :D

Redman says:

Theses tech & design stuffs are awesome ! I like the MP3 Player and the bathtub and the clothe which saves energy in day and glow in night :D

Cassaundra Overall says:

Every time I see blogs as great as this mainly because I ought to quit bludging and start operating on mine.Thanks

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