How to Fix Google Chrome Slow Loading Problem

Posted in Google on 25 June 2011 71 comments

I thought what is wrong recently because more than 50% of websites I visited are loading very slow, in fact sometimes they are not being loaded at all. Today, I finally realized that the problem is with Google Chrome browser because when I tried surfing using Firefox, they can be loaded in seconds. Of course, I am a Google lover so I wouldn’t switch my default browser just because of this. Then, I started to play around with Chrome’s preferences until I finally found a fix.

The main cause : DNS Pre-Fetching Feature

For old version of Chrome, the setting is located at Preferences > Under The Hood.

For newer version of Chrome, the setting is located at Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy

Now, look for a checkbox called “Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance” or “Predict network actions to improve page load performance“. Or similar.

Everyone including me would have ticked this checkbox because it seems to bring only benefits and it sounds promising. However, it is not the case here, while I still cannot explain why this is happening, just untick the checkbox to bring your Chrome back to its speedy glory.

In my Google Chrome for Mac, the settings is actually called “Predict network actions to improve page load performance“. Therefore, just untick any similar checkbox.

Hope this helps.


Posted by Zen on 25 June 2011 • 516,113 visits 71 comments
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Joanne C says:

Thank you so much! This has been driving me insane for months!!!

Miz ann says:

Thank you soooo much!!.. it works for me..

dhinu007 says:

Click the spanner icon (top right) den, settings,,,again settings after, last option {show advanced setting} privacy

den, untick the “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” option :)

Bill says:

t did not work for me but I found that disconnecting Google Sync in settings worked perfectly for me.

Tradeac says:

Hey Guys! Just solved that problem! All you have to do is DESELECT an extention called “WiseConvert”!!! That extention make chrome so slow! Proved!!!

Tradeac says:

Hey Guys! Just solved that problem! All you have to do is DESELECT an extention called “WiseConvert”!!! That extention make chrome so slow! Proved!!!

Joe says:

Doesn’t work!

Barry says:

I have a surefire way, too, and it’s easy to accomplish. Yes, there is a lot of good, solid advice out there about how to config and use your pc for optimum performance and you should take this advice and do what you learn. Use Ccleaner and AVG-free and configure the settings correctly, as well. These two will help you run smoothly for many reasons. All my settings are good, but opening my Chrome browser took forever, nonetheless. A friend of mine in IT came over and we went through an 8-step protocol that made my Chrome browser open superfast and it works. A simple checkmark in a box will fix you up; did for me. 1. Click the Wrench icon. 2. Settings 3. Show Advanced Settings (the blue link at the bottom of the page). 4. Network; change proxy settings. 5. LAN settings. 6. Checkmark: Auto detect. (this is your key to success if it isn’t checked; make SURE you checkmark this box)! 7. Uncheck: Proxy server. 8. Click: OK. You should be good. I have read a ton of how to’s on this subject and not a one tells you to put a checkmark in the “auto detect” box; they all say to uncheck ” proxy server, which may well be unchecked as a default setting and is good advice. But my # 6 instruction should be your key to success! Like I said, I never saw anything on the Internet about checking auto detect, but my friend told me to try it. I did, shut the pc down (not restart, but off), got my desktop back up, clicked the Chrome icon and Bam! Instant connection to my Chrome browser. Let me know if this helps anybody, OK?

Kelly O'Kelly says:

Why can’t I easily find preferences when I click Chrome’s wrench?

Mike McCarthy says:

WOW ! Such an easy fix that works so well. So many thanks.

Saysha Broussard says:

Can you please email me at and maybe you help me on the youtube videos. the load soooo slow and buffer a lot! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

matt says:

Easiest fix I’ve ever found on the internet! Thanks!

Sabrina says:

Just wanted to say thanks! This worked for me.

Stephen Martin says:

I love google as well and work at using their products, so this “little” fix worked perfectly.

Thank you so much!

deini says:

OMG, my YouTube was failing hard loading the 720/1080p videos when usually it’s instant. The problem started about 2 weeks ago and today I was raging and try loading videos in Explorer -.-” and it was blazing fast!

So I just google my problem and found this piece of bible. Thanks!

J M Lakhani says:

Hello ZEN,

Simply put – GREAT HELP this has been.
Like Pandey, I too was frustrated, for the last 3 days, tried so many things, checked the internet speed, argued with ISP, what not. Your advice solved my problem.

I do not know how to thank you.

With good wishes.

Wow that is awesome. My computer just went from using up 50% of my RAM to 40% with 1 click. Thanks!

justin latino says:

o and I forgot to mention. If you use the flash block extension that can also help to shave off some memory usage. Cheers!

Beau Quilter says:

Doesn’t work for me.

Too bad. Goodbye Google Chrome!

I no longer have time for your hang-ups!

Will be back for any updates.

Mark Nave says:

Tried your suggestion on coping with Chrome’s slow loading time, but made no difference. I did find something else that seems to work for me. If I open a new tab in Chrome and immediately return to the previous tab, it seems to load normally. I’m able to scroll the page with ease and without delay.

Teqi says:

Thanks. it helped!

Greg says:

Holy Crap! So simple and sooo effective.
This has been driving me crazy – I thought I was going to have to upgrade my computer – AGAIN. Thank you!

august says:

oh my god thank you soooo much! I can’t believe it was only that! I was going to delete all my extensions and everything D: but now I don’t have to!

Trevor says:

This really helped… I have a ultra fast computer and I just upgraded to a i7 3770k ivy and my browsing was really slow. Checked internet explorer and it was realllllly fast. I’m glad I didn’t have to switch back to internet explorer because Google Chrome is definetly my favorite. Thanks!

JustOnTime says:

PERFECT!………………… worked

terry says:

WOW!!! This worked for me!!! Thank you so much!!! Was making me crazy but it’s back to norm!!!

Andy says:

Awesome!!! Thanks that worked for me !!!
I 3-5 seconds before my google chrome would do anything…. now feels like its super fast ahahah

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