How to Delete Undeletable Files in Windows? The “Could not Find This Item” Error

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Two undeletable files appeared on my desktop last week, no matter how hard I try to delete/copy/move them away, it can’t seems to work. After searching online, I found the way to delete them. I am going to rewrite the steps here, in simpler step-by-step guide, how you can delete those files:

  • Hold down Windows key + R to open the Run windows
  • In the input area, type in “cmd” to open “Command Prompt”
  • In command propt, you will see lines like “C:\Users\Your NAME>”
  • My undeletable file was located at desktop, so I type “cd desktop”
    So, my path is now “C:\Users\Your Name\desktop\”

    If your file is in desktop/folder1, you should type “cd desktop\folder1″

    If your file in in local disk C or D and you would like to start browsing from there, type “cd C:\” or “cd D:\”

  • Once you are in the correct folder or path, type “dir /x” and you will see a list of all files and directories
  • Each files and folders were given a shorter name. For example, my shortcut file “Google” was given a name called “GOOGLE~1.INK”
  • Now we will start deleting the undeletable file. For example, to delete the shortcut file, I type “del GOOGLE~1.INK”
    which is basically “del” followed by a space followed by the shorter file name.
  • It should be gone by now. So, who says it is undeletable :)


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tara says:

thanks for the easy instructions. I already deleted one of my annoying files. should have found this site years ago. thanks a lot!

AJ says:

I tried doing this and my problem about this is that the file didn’t show up in the Command Prompt

roo says:

i’ve been trying to delete some undeletable files FOREVER and not being much of a computer person, all of the other “run” “cmd” “dir /x” instructions from other forums and sites just went over my head (and led to a lot of “syntax errors” and “file not founds”). thank you SO much for breaking it down into something easy to understand and follow :)

SarahT says:

Thank you for sharing your expertise.

maulidarman says:

Mantap , Luar Biasa (Indonesia word for extra ordinary :)
These step by step procedure work for me and provide problem solving for condition that annoyed me.
Thanks Zen for your great posting :D

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