Free WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

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People run blogs for lots of different reasons. Some are looking to extol the virtues of their personal beliefs, others are doing it for their business, while more still do it to showcase their artistic efforts. But whatever the reasoning for running a WordPress blog, one thing is certain: traffic is crucial. If you’re a blogger, you’ve very likely been through this very scenario – everything is set up, the blog looks great, content is being added frequently, and so on. But the traffic numbers are simply not as high as you’d like them to be. Well, don’t despair – if you run a WordPress blog, there are a number of things you can do to bolster your visitor numbers. More specifically, you can use plugins to enhance your blog’s visibility and optimisation. And best of all, these plugins are all free.

The All in One SEO Pack

You’re probably well aware of the value of good SEO, but you can make it even easier with this free plugin. In fact, it’s become one of the most popular plugins of all – so you can feel sure it’s a wise choice for your blog. The All in One SEO Pack allows you to tweak every SEO element – from page titles to metatags – and all quickly and easily from the standard post writing page or settings area. You can specify your blog’s home page title and metatags too, which is great for making sure Google indexes you properly. Overall, this plugin is pretty essential for any blogger looking to make a splash in organic results. How will it help you gain more visitors? Well, if you do the right keyword research, you’ll find more people showing up naturally from organic searches. It’s simple and effective (if a little long term). Simply search for ‘All in One SEO’ from the ‘Add New’ plugin section of your blog to find it.

The AddThis WordPress plugin

Social media is all the rage, you’ll doubtless need to be told, so you’re probably already giving your users a push to share your content. But with the AddThis WordPress plugin, it’s even easier. This simple plugin adds a small links section to the end of each of your posts, from which your readers or visitors can share the article or post via various networks. These include the obvious choices like Facebook and Twitter, but your readers can also post to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit. In any case, your blog’s name will be spread and you should end up with more visitors in the long run. Just try to avoid looking spammy – that can get you blacklisted and you may end up achieving the exact opposite of what you want. If you notice your site being spammed to social bookmarking sites, you can block users by IP or simply remove the plugin.


So you’ve spent three hours writing a post you’re proud of, what’s next? Usually, it’s trawling through the social networks and letting your followers and fans know that there’s new stuff to read. This can be time-consuming. But with the Wordbooker plugin, you can set your posts to automatically be posted to Facebook. And it’s not limited to just your personal wall or Timeline, you can also post to pages – so it’s ideal for businesses too. There are lots of handy options that help you tweak the output of the plugin to suit the style in which you share your content, so you can rest assured that your posts are being shared in the right way. A quick search for ‘Wordbooker’ from the plugins menu will help you get this installed ASAP.

So there you have it – three nifty plugins that can make a real difference to your visitor numbers. Oh, and they’re free, which is always nice. Remember that no amount of plugins will give you a huge increase in numbers, these will only help along the way. The key is to post quality content that people really want to read. There’s a reason they say ‘content is king’ – and your blog is an excellent outlet for compelling content that will keep coming back time and again.


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