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If you want to give a face to your brand so that your clients and audience can connect with, then the logo is the only way to do that. Always remember! A logo is the real face of your brand, and if it is well-designed, then it will help you to set an unforgettable identity.

If you want to know how to design a brand-new logo online for free, then this post will assist you with the most popular and dependable logo makers in no time! Let’s get into it without any delays!

What is exactly meant by Logo Maker?

Before we jump into the best logo maker list, it is important to learn what is exactly meant by these makers, and how they work! In a short definition, logo makers or logo generators are web-based programs that enable you to create logo online for free. Their system is quite fast and smart that puts effort to make the designing experience quick and easy. Well, there are existing thousands of tools on the web today.

Some tools work and create logos with the help of the input data that you have provided to their system, including brand names, icons, font, themes, background, etc. While some tools are free-form, giving you a blank canvas and editing tools, so that, you can customize logos on your own.

Top-Best Logo Maker Tools for the year 2021

If you have already known your brand’s missions, visions, and themes, then it will be quite easy to add perfection and attraction to the logo while designing. To guide you better, we have tested almost all tools around the web and mentioned their names and details in this one spot. Here are a quick overview and explanation. Scroll down to learn more!

The List of Excellent Logo Generators

1. — Free Logo Design Templates

This logo maker tool comes with a large collection of amazing features and a handy logo designs. It has opened the doors of conveniences for its users. The most incredible thing about it’s working is the quickness and cost-free editing automation. Whether you need to create business cards, social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, T-shirts designs, invitations, monograms, banners, E-sports stickers, overlays, and also online logos, this place is fulfilling all your brand’s requirements. Moreover, you can operate this tool in a few clicks by just choosing logos from a ready-made collection, and customizing them on your own.


  • Various elements are available including, icons, stickers, font styles, overlays, backgrounds, stocked photos, themes, effects, filters, and much more
  • 1000+ categories including, Fashion, Halloween, Business, Social, Food, Lifestyle, Makeup, Fancy, Water Marks, Classic, Modern, Informal, and much more.
  • Fast, secure, cost-free, reliable, and easy-to-use.
  • User-friendly.
  • Automatically suggests ideas while designing.
  • No buffering & no ads.


2. Canva — Create Logo Online

It is another perfect place for logo designing. This place is much more than a logo maker tool, as it is assisting people differently in the online world. Canva is known as the most convenient speedy program that facilitates a bunch of cool features and elements. It can be your social media post maker, logo maker, story maker, YouTube cover maker, poster maker, business card designer, invite maker, and much more. If we talk about its working then, we must say that it is putting its best efforts on quality things! Every element, tool, and editing option that it offers is helping us greatly. It contains everything, but some tools are credible like it’s free stock photo library, impressive backgrounds collection, and ready-made visual graphics. Besides, it offers you two options for logos, one — Blank Canvas, second — ready-made logos.


  • Free Downloading for PNG Files.
  • Easy to customize.
  • HD quality saving.
  • Fast and Furious
  • No limits on designing.
  • Both free and paid versions are available.


3. Tailors Brand

It is pretty fun to create free logos with Tailors Brand! It is another amazing and reliable place that is adding perfection and attraction to your work. It uses some advanced techniques to set a user-friendly environment. Moreover, it is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is just add your company’s name, select your category, explain your business in a few words. Now, decide on icons or texts. Next, their system will be started scanning your inputted data to display results accordingly.  In a few seconds, thousand plus logos will be generated automatically. Now, you have the choice to pick one or more, and you can also edit and customize the selected designs according to your wish. So, it’s simple! Right?


  • Awesome customization.
  • Excellent features.
  • Cost-free downloading.
  • Can design fancy logos
  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals.
  • Mind-blowing icons, overlays, themes, fonts, free images, and much more.
  • No hidden charges and lengthy procedures.


Creating a perfect logo is an essential part of a successful brand. So, don’t ignore it, choose a tool from the above list, and start designing now!


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