How to Bypass “Please enter at most 3 letters or numbers for county/province” Bug in Mac App Store

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I am going to order a copy of Mac OS Lion from the Mac App Store today. As this is my first Apple ID with credit card details on it, I was prompted to update/verify my credit card details. However, the verification form has a serious bug that might piss SOME of their customer off, in my opinion. I believe only a minor amount of users have this problem. My App Store version is 1.0.2 by the way.

When I submitted the form, the error returned was “Please enter at most 3 letters or numbers for county“.

However, the list of choices given by the form are all in two letters.

So the form failed to go through.

How to Bypass?

I spent 10 minutes playing with the form until I found this workaround:

  • First, choose the first item from the list, in my case is “County”. This action is equal to choosing nothing for your County/Province. Submit the form.
  • The form will now return an error message telling you that you did not choose any County/Province.
  • Now, choose your correct County/Province and submit the form.
  • It should go through like I did.

Does this method work for you too? Now enjoy browsing the App Store :)


Posted by Zen on 21 July 2011 • 36,290 visits 14 comments
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Steven Tan says:

Thanks! It works for me!

SMoh says:

works for me!! :)

thnx so much !!

Iffah says:

Genius! It works :)

Quah says:

Sad to say, this did not work for me :(

Glamiva says:

It worked!! Thank you so much!

jeeve says:

my earlier comment said it did not work (i selected SL). when i chose KL, it went through! thanks Zen!

messiahhh says:

I live in Kuala Lumpur, so naturally, I had to choose KL. It did not work for me, so I decided, what the heck, why not try SL. And THAT worked. Hope this doesnt screw up my billing or anything. -_-

KC says:

did work for me. So I select “KL” instead of “SL” for Selangor. Hay! magically it works. Not sure how Apple App Billing Department work!

KC says:

Sorry, what I meant in earlier comments is didn’t for me. So I selected “KL” instead of “SL” for Selangor and it works!

MyMaria says:

It worked! Thanks for this… ;)


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