23 Sep 2009
Post Thumbnail of MonoShade Premium Wordpress Theme (Multi Colour Scheme)

MonoShade is a multi colour scheme premium wordpress theme with advanced features and jQuery effects. It has 4 choices of blog index styles, 5 choices of fonts, 5 choices of animation styles for featured gallery, auto thumbnail generation, 5 ready-made adsense positions and more. All can be controlled via the powerful theme options page. It can have unlimited colour schemes (it has 8 colour schemes currently).
Price: $15

22 Dec 2020
Post Thumbnail of Design Your Brand Logo Online For Free

If you want to give a face to your brand so that your clients and audience can connect with, then the logo is the only way to do that. Always remember! A logo is the real face of your brand, and if it is well-designed, then it will help you to set an unforgettable identity.

5 Dec 2020
Post Thumbnail of Make customized logo on your Android phone

If you are an android-user and are looking for the right apps that can help you in customizing logos for your brand, then you have landed on the right page. In this write-up, we are going to list out a few logo maker apps that are free and reliable in their working.

11 Jun 2020
Post Thumbnail of Using Online Platforms to Boost Customer Base

Growing a great customer base is vital in any enterprise if you wish to see your sales skyrocketing. The digital era has revolutionized everything, including how we do our shopping. In most cases, you will look into a particular company’s website to make up your mind on what to purchase. As an entrepreneur, you need to remain informed on any new marketing trend to gain a competitive edge. Here are several ways in which you can generate traffic into your venture.

15 Jan 2013
Post Thumbnail of Collection of Top 10 Useful Yet Easy iPhone Application Tutorials

iPhone application development is making an impressive sound among the app developers. A springed-out success graph of this sector is surely the reason that many more app developers are trying to be the part of this race. Creating an application for an iPhone device is a combination of different basic …

1 Oct 2012
Post Thumbnail of Professional Business Card Online Printing

Whether you run your own business or work for a company, business card is a small but critical tool in proposing business relationships. It is the card that you leave with a client that will make them remember you and call back. If you are looking to get one, look no further and get your business card printing online at UPrinting.

22 Sep 2012
Post Thumbnail of Apple iOS6 Maps App Failures Compilation

Since iOS6 was released few days ago, the new Maps application has been causing a lot of frustrations and also laughters among the world internet users. Take a look at these 10 epic screenshots of the Maps app taken by users. Enjoy :)

9 Aug 2012
Post Thumbnail of [Chrome] Google Search is Slow & Not Loading When Typing in Address Bar

This is ironic, googling stuff by typing in the address bar using Google’s Chrome browser can sometimes be really slow. In fact, when it happened, it takes forever to load. Nothing can be helped even if you copy the URL and paste it to load again. I am getting frustrated with this problem that happened since few months ago.

9 Jul 2012
Post Thumbnail of [Javascript] Search Box to Show Default Text on Load and Cleared When Focused

Very often we want our search box to show a default text such as “Search…” when it is loaded. Then when users clicked on the search box, the word is cleared, allowing user to enter their search query. We will see how to do that in this short guide in both plain Javascript and jQuery.

1 Jul 2012
Post Thumbnail of PHP Code to Get Current Page's URL

It is quite often that we need to redirect users back to current URL. I wrote my own function for this purpose, but then I realized some weaknesses: it cannot capture HTTPS and the port number, which is very important for some websites.

20 Jun 2012
Post Thumbnail of Add WordPress Native Menu Feature to Wordpress Themes

WordPress introduced the Native Menu feature in WordPress 3.0 which allow theme designers to add any number of native menus into their themes. Native menus are useful because it allows users to freely decide which item should appear in their menu, you can mix and match items which include Categories, Pages and Self-defined links.

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