13 Superb and Creative Advertisements – Part 5

Posted in Inspiration on 28 May 2011 3 comments

This is part 5 of our creative advertisements collection. If you missed any previous posts, check out the whole series:

Here I found 13 more advertisements to share with you guys. Enjoy the creative works :)

Burger King

Free Sport


High Heels

Coppertone Sunscreen and skincare

Recycling E-Waste


Hot & Spicy Pringles

Symantec Child Montoring

Toyo Octopus

Verbal Abuse

Volkswagen Jetta – Trip to the beach

Yoga Position

All credits to the author/creator.


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KChristoph says:

Thanks from Hannover, Germany.

inspirasicyber says:

nice post here..we have to learn how to be creative..we will make a lot of money..

Tom Chuong says:

Wow! I love the Hot & Spicy Pringles ad…very cool and creative. With ads like that, no wonder why their gross sales is skyrocketing into the stratosphere. Great collection of image ads by the way.

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