10 Facts That You Might Not Know – Part 1

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The list was taken from an e-mail from my friend. I learnt something from here, what about you?

1. There is no paper in this world that can be self-folded for more than 12 times.

2. Based on the calculations, mules kill more man than plane crashing.

3. Sleeping consume more calories than sitting down and watch television.

4. The first object to have a barcode is chewing gum.

5. The first flight of Wright’s Brother plane is shorter than a Boeing 747′s wing.

6. In 1987, an American airlines saved 35,000 HK Dollars by just removing an olive from their meal in every first-class seats.

7. Eating an apple at every morning refreshes us more than a cup of coffee.

8. Most of the dust in your house is your own dead skin.

9. Full name of Barbie doll is Barabra Millicent Roberts.

10. Adolf Hitler’s mom once seriously consider to abort him before being convinced by her doctor.

This is our new category called Off-Topic Thursday. I will make an off-topic post every thursday, sharing all kinds of knowledge and information with readers like you.


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iMoshi says:

Keep it up guys! Love your blog ^.^

Macedonian Girls says:

Interesting facts.

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